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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

As with any tech school, people mainly think that everyone who goes here is a complete nerd. This is FALSE. There are lots of different types of people at Stevens. Sure, there may be people who like going to LAN parties or taking part in the Anime Convention (which apparently is the biggest Anime Convention on the East Coast) and play Magic the Gathering till the wee hours of the morning, BUT, that is NOT everyone. There's people who play sports, people who like to party, people super involved on campus, people stuck in their rooms all day....and the list goes on. The thick of it is that we're an assortment of students. But at the same time, I guess to go to a tech school, you have to be a little bit of nerd at heart. I like to program, my good friend loves's hidden in all of us somewhere. So we are NOT complete nerds....only partial nerds :)

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The biggest stereotype of our school is nerds; however this only depicts a small portion of students. 30% of the student body is involved with Greek life which includes some nerds, stoners, and most of the athletes. Our school has a big emphasis on our athletic program despite it being Division III.

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