Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Stevens is tough, despite what some people believe. Don't complain about your Physics 101 class until you try and take one here. Our Calc 2 class for example is a combination of Calc 2 and Calc 3 at other schools. Freshman year seems hard, but it only gets harder from there. Because the curriculum and the coursework can be a bit overwhelming, it's often a challenge to get a high gpa. If you want that 4.0, you've got to work hard and have AMAZING time management skills. You know what they say: in college there's having a social life, good grades, and sleep....but you can only choose 2 because you can't have all 3. That's Stevens for you. Good professors are sometimes hard to find, but when you do, they are usually willing to help AND want to see you succeed (which translates to they WON'T let you fail). Establish good relationships with your professors as they can help you in the long run whether you think you deserve a better grade in the course at the end, want to do research, or are looking for job opportunities.


"Good grades, social life, enough sleep... pick two." Commonly heard around campus. But if your good at time management you can get all three. Classes are easily bearable if you know when to focus and when to party, and to not get the two confused.


I know that there's a ton of people who complain about Stevens professors, but turn around and ask those people if they've ever gone to a professor's office hours, or dropped by their department head's office. Sure, there are a few professors who are more talented in research then teaching (meaning lots of positions for research assistants!) but we are a very open, friendly school where the entire administration is focused on making SIT an even better school. Corny, yeah I know, but completely true. Also, I've never seen any one student refuse to ask another student for help because it might screw up the curve. I have seen students helping each other with homework until well past midnight, or letting a friend print a paper in their room 5 minutes before it's due.