Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




Students who attend Stevens Institute of Technology make on average $5,000 more than other engineers around the world. Stevens has an excellent academic program with demanding and interesting classes. Also, there are excellent research opportunities that help students work closely with professors and gain valuable experience in their field of choice. New York City is only 5 minutes away from Hoboken so a student is never bored. I love going to Stevens!


The research opportunities at Stevens are amazing. Undergraduates are able to work with professors and graduate students over the summer through either the Scholars program or Technogenesis, which is open to all students. They often research a topic of their choice under the supervision of a professor. Students can live on campus while working in the labs and are paid by the hour. I have learned so much about possible applications for research in chemical engineering through my experience in the laboratories.


The part from my school of which I brag most about is the skyline view of New York City. The school is located right on a hilltop by the Hudson River right across from the City. I always brag about our exercise facilities also, like our pool and gyms. They are top of the line with brand new equipment.


The teachers are extreamly open to getting to know the students and offereing office hours to help the students understand the material. There are a lot of research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to get invloved in during their time at college. The students are more than willing to form study groups and work together to complete homework and assignments. Stevens follows an Honor Code which must be signed by every student on all homeworks , papers, and projects.


When it comes to my college I brag about the prestige and career choices I will have once I graduate. Also, I brag about the location of my college and the accessibility to go to New York.


How much fun it is to stay on campus. I have never been really late for classes and am able to study and relax without having a set schedule. The freedom i have allows me to prepare for classes and still gives me the option to interact with other students on campus.


My cooperative job at Stryker Orthopaedics.


I brag about the coop program. This program helps students find jobs during the semester and for the summer. This is the best part about Stevens. The people that work there know what they are doing and do their jobs well.