Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Stevens Institute of Technology? Why?


The school is accepting more and more students into the school but the housing available is limited. This is forcing upper classmen to move into more expensive off campus housing.


The worst part about my school is the social life. Studies always come first but every now and then, a student needs to relax and go to atleast one party. The workload can be very heavy at times but what makes it worse is that there is a lack of social life.


The dorms have problmes with bed bugs and mice. They are not very clean and always need repair. The food in the cafeteria is not great. There are not many options for students who are vegetarians or have special needs. It cost a lot of money and for what we pay to attend the school there are not many things that are given back to the students. The desks in the classrooms are dirty and broken, students sometimes stand up to take notes. The lockers in the buildings are broken and have not been fixed to store books and supplies.


The worst thing I consider about my college is the life during the weekends.


The only downfall of Stevens would be the weather. Since it is located on a peak overlooking the Hudson River, it tends to be extremely windy and a slight bit colder than most of the surrounding area. Aside from this, however, there are no significant negatives.


The worst thing about stevens is the meal plan. If you are on campus you have to have the ultimate meal plan they offer (unlimmitted, which is really 10,000 meals) and if you are off-campus housing, supplied by the school it's a 60 swipe (60 meals meal plan). If your housing is unaffiliated with the school you do not need to get any meal plan. The food isn't that great, but the dining area is a great place to socialize and meet people.


The campus life socially can be pretty boring sometimes. Also the liberal arts aspect of the school is not as well developed, but it's getting there.


too much work in a short amount of time...teachers pile it all on at the same times


Finical Posistion; size of endowment; inability to provide some services due to them being cost prohobative


The girl to guy ration is terrible and the coursework can be overwhelming. These 2 are terrible because with the coursework being so much we have no time for a social life and with the girl to guy ratio being so small, the guys are frustrated