Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Somebody who has a strong aptitude in the sciences and who is looking for a career in engineering or the medical field should attend this school. It has a wide range of science and engineering majors to offer and has a great staff to direct students to a successful career. Also, if one enjoys a small campus feel, this is a perfect school. With small class sizes, students get the one on one interactions with their teachers which is a great benefit.




Stevens Institute of Technology is a difficult school. Students need to be hardworking to succeed here. Also the math classes are very challenging. Engineering, which is mainly what this school is about, has a lot of focus on physics and calculus. I tutor calculus 2, 3 and 4 and a lot of students think that it should be as easy as their high school math classes, but that is not true. Students need to be dedicated to school and work to attend this challenging school.


very smart, focused


A person who wants to succeed in life. This school offers a great and challenging education and is very well respected by outside companies. The location is perfect too. Having New York City next door allows the school to develop great connections with big companies. If you don't like feeling crowded, then this place is perfect for you. The campus only has a few 4 or 5 thousand students and the student/teacher relationship is great.


Someone who knows what they want to do, and is very determined to study hard.


This school is not crazy competitive like Harvard or Cornell, where you want to kill yourselves sometimes, but it is competitive, so you should be prepared to work hard, yet there is time for you to enjoy many other activities, including the NYC which is one train stop away! You just have to remember to manage your time wisely. For some classes you really have to study more than others. You can either stay in your room all day or go out and socialize, there are many opportunities it's your choice :D


If you love having a social life, where you can engage in anything from varsity athletics to heavy philosophical debates, and then have a good laugh afterwards. If you've gone through high school, taking the harder classes, because they were challenging not for a grade. If you are willing to work alot, but play alot too, then this is for you. Alot of students get dual degrees, including varsitity athletics.