Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Stevens Institue of Technology is a very unique school which focuses on science and technology. Somebody who doesn't have a strong intrest in science would not feel at home at this premier institution. If one cannot hold himself accountable for completing his/her work ahead of time, this school also is not the place. Teachers expect a lot out of their students and the students really need to be self motivated to be successful here.


A person who primarily wants name recognition from a school rather than the experiences of an academic program.


Persons should not attend this school if they are looking for an easy way through college. The core classes seem easy, but as things progress classes get harder and harder. The student body is accepting of all racial and social backgrounds, as long as there is a passion for what you want to do.




A 'morally straight' person who can overcome slacking off. I do about 30 hours a week of class and 35 hours out studyinf/homework; and I am not that smart of a guy. I feel like it is one big National Honors Socitey, everyone is pretty smart and thinks relativley in the same way.


someone looking for a strong engineering school that is well respected among the corporations in the tristate area


Anyone that values their social life as much as academics and extra-curriculars should stay away from Stevens. Yes, it is nice to have the faculty recognize you whenever you enter the office, but there is practically no school spirit and that usually means low attendance at sports games and on campus activities. The campus is dead on weekends, and if there is something happening, it is usually a frat party and that means 90% of the people there are guys. If Stevens was a small school with a wider range of majors, maybe it would not be like this.


If you are looking to party with girls 24/7, this is not for you. The numbers are changing but there is a disproportionate amount of guys to girls. If you don't like to challange your self, expect to slack off and drink, this is not for you.


some one who does not know what they want to do, you olny have about 5 choices.




If you want a big school, stevens is a bad choice. Everyone knows each others.


people looking to find significant others in school.