Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?




I wish I had known more about loans and their impact before coming to Stevens or any other school.


I wish I had known of all the programs they offer here - I didn't quite realize how many there were until about my sophomore year. I would've liked to have gotten involved with some of them my freshman year. But it's all good.


How to separate my social life from my academic life.


The shitty administration. They mess up everyone's financial aid/ scholarship. A lot of people get holds placed on their transcript/ registration even though they paid or have financial aid. Things don't get fixed until December, the end of the semester. The student body is extremely segregated based on if you play sports or not. THere is a lot of ego at this school even though they don't have any talent or intelligence to back it up. atheletes get away with everythingeven though it is division 3 and they get recruited, which is against the rules.


The motivations behind the faculty and staff. All the administration cares about is money, all the professors care about is research.`




That there is a lot of math in engineering


The rigor and time commitment involved with the field of study I chose to pursue.


The food actually sucks. Stevens tries to wine & dine you when pre-frosh visit, but then bring out the crappy food on a daily basis.


The fact that all engineering classes overload you to the point where you need to relax at the end of the night. You have so much work to do in a very short time and drinking on average 4 per night was what it took to get through most of it. Also, the gym here is small and crowded. I do try to be healthy but the gym is cramped.


The diversity of students from different states and different parts of the world. By befriending them, I learned many different cultures and backgrounds that I would not have known otherwise.


I wish I had known how little there is to do on campus and how lonely it can be to be here all alone on a weekend by myself.