Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I enjoy the learning environment at my school. There is a lot of help available, if needed, from both students and teachers.


Stevens' best quality is it's co-op program. This program gives students the chance to gain real world work exoerience while continuing their college educations. To put it simply, Stevens allows students to earn a 4 year degree and gain 22 months of work experience in just 5 years.


Stevens is concerned with teachings its studends to become engineers and are practical about doing so. Because of this, starting salaries are high.


The small size allows for easy development of relationships


It has a very prestigious engineering program. However, it is only usually recognized on the east coast for some reason. The curriculum is challenging and gives you a solid engineering background even if the teachers aren't that great. For a small school the social scene isn't bad. Freshmen year is usually marked by visiting the frats. A large majority of the student population is greek. After freshmen year hoboken and New York City can provide enough entertainment to keep you happy.


I like the location. I like how relatively close it is to major highways and it is so close to NYC. I can take the path to the city with minimal travel time. I also love the town it is located. It is a small town but it has everything you need. It is a convinient location.


Financial aid, and quality of education. It costs a lot, but I get a lot in financial aid. And since the quality of the school is very high, I get a great education for a resonable price.


The cooperative education program, which is a 5 year program that allows students to get real-word experience to help build resumes and networks in order to get an idea of what job they'd like to have and what direction to take


The positive attitudes from the students and the beautiful and maintained campus.




One could be involved in many things. You could go from one meeting to another without going on buses and walking far.


The Job oppurtunities. I've had two full time paid jobs with real engineering companies .


The fact that I have to work an outside weekend job to allow myself some food money is more than likely the best thing. I love having free time to myself which does not exist. The job I took on (bartending) was the best thing that could have happened to me. The people I meet there are possible connections in later life.