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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that the teachers are not just talking for their own good and are not just giving us busy work. Knowledge can not hurt, the more you know, the further you will go in life. Just finish your homework! Study for your tests! When you are done with all that, then you get to chose what you really want to go to college for. You are so close to being done with High School and being out of you parents house and on your own. Once you graduate, you will be able to go out, move to any state, and be your own person. College is not like High School. You have no one telling you to finish your homework, or make your bed, you have to do it all on your own and on your own time. You will actulay be interested and love the work you are doing. Know that it is setting the path for you to start a family, buy a home and new car. The paperwork may not be fun, but in the end it is all worth knowing that you can and will enjoy school and the career you have chosen!