Stevenson University Top Questions

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The professors at my school care if their students succeed and push their students toward greatness.


multiple activities and opportunities available to students.


My school is very different in a way that we are one big communtity. yes, there is compition BUT we are always looking out for eachother. Everybody at Stevenson U helps eachother and I do believe that, that is rare and hard to come accross in todays education feild. Also the professors (the majority) are very very very educated in what the teach. there has been a few exceptions but you can tell the professors live and LOVE their job and are so helpful.


What I believed to be unique about the school is that it gave me two things that most schools could not. First, Stevenson has a 97% rate that those who go to the university will have a job. The next thing the school did for me was allow me to continue to play football, the sport that I hold very near to my heart.


The old campus is beautiful, but we also have two new campuses and are adding a third. Shuttles are running 24/7 to take students to whatever campus they need to get to. The school is a great mix of new and old and is extremely well respected. Over 90% of students who graduate from here recieve jobs almost immediately.


The dedication of the professors


Unlike other school I don't have to travel twenty five miles just to get to a gas station. We have shuttles to a local metro station and to the local mall. The best thing is that we are very close to downtown Baltimore.


My school is very dedicated to finding students good jobs after graduation. With the various events sponsored such as career fairs, interviews, and resume writing students are extremely well prepared to enter the work force in their major field. Also, my school has one of the top programs in the nation for the Accounting majors which assures students in this field that they will be ready to take on real life situations. Also, the school is pretty affordable for a private college and the campuses are constantly expanding to become more diverse as a university.


Our school has a small student-to-teacher ratio, 13-1. Also, the job placement rate after graduation is high, 96%. A well-rounded science staff, competitive sports teams and a convenient location (20 minutes from Baltimore, MD).


the smallness and the career focus allows students to get good jobs after graduating. The school treated me as a human being and just not a number or a way to get money


The campus is small, family-oriented. Everyone is friendly. I didn't want to be known as a number in a classroom.


They have a very high job rate upon graduation.


The thing that is unique about my school is that it has two campuses and is very cozy and small.


Large Dorms