Stevenson University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at Stevenson University are well...wonderful. Many teachers knew me by first name, only because I liked them so much I took their course the following year. My favorite class had to be Creative Writing Poetry with Katherine McCord. Writing is my thing, and in Poetry all we did was (wait for it) write poems and discuss them. The caliber of students you meet at Stevenson is astounding. If you're into Philosophy, Theater, Rhetoric or even basket weaving, there's someone at Stevenson you could talk to. Stevenson University's business model is based around "designing your career", and they supplement that with Career Services and courses that get you in the "professional" mind state. But, many instructors at Stevenson University cherish knowledge for the sake of knowledge and encourage students to learn as much as they can. Though one of the smallest departments, the English department at Stevenson University is comprised of some of the smartest people I've ever met. Dr. Tamer, Dr. Brown, Dr. Marshall and Dr. Van Aken are only a few of the instructors I've had contact with at Stevenson University, and all have left a lasting impression. How many instructors do you know had you read Fight Club and American Psycho?