Stevenson University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about our career placement rates. Spending years in college can be scary knowing that you may come out of college without a job. However, at Stevenson, we have a high percentage of students who graduate with career oppertunities.


We get co-ed visitors anytime we want as long as our roommates are okay with it. We have maximum freedom and everyone is extremely nice and friendly!


When discussing Stevenson University, the first thing that comes up is the private bathrooms, opposed to the public bathrooms that are shared by the whole floor in other universities.


It is small and just right for me. It also has one of the best nursing programs in Maryland.


I brag about the science department the most. Theis department recieves a lot of funding and is very advanced, which helps with many research projects.


Our variety of majors and our excellent faculty.


We don't recieve unrealistic homework assignments. Peers from other schools have 10 page papers and ridiculous amounts of reading, but Stevenson professors generally take in consideration the busy lives of college students. I also brag alot, because our campus always cancels for snow even if conditions are not completly terrible, which is really nice.


When I brag about my school, I could go on for hours. The open atmosphere of the classrooms and the strong work ethic instilled in students makes learning fun and readily achieved. The Science Department is always there to help me out with any concerns I may have about my classes or future career. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my degree, but I'm 100% sure where I want to earn it! I wouldn't pick any other school, it just doesn't make sense to me to be anywhere than where I am.


When I tell my friend's about my school I brag mostly about the wonderful professors I have had in class so far. I also enjoy telling them about our work out facilities.




I don't brag, I just say I got into a private university and well... you didn't. I would also talk about how my major is the best major ever because not to many people know of its benefits.


The dorms at my school are new and very nice. The education department is wonderful. They expect alot out of you, but you will be well prepared for the future.


That its a small school that you know pretty much everybody on campus where the teachers actually know your name and the dorms are first class


I brag about the dorms the most when talking about my school. No other schools dorms that I have sen compare to ours.


the class sizes are small so the teacher knows you personally which can be a great thing. Also, my major is business so my classes are all in one building. I am in the sorority and that allowed me to make close friends who i will remain close with my whole life.


Our class sizes as well as our Career HQ program. Also the fact that I'm very likely to be in graduate school or have a job when I graduate. This is like a family setting and VJC makes me feel at home.