Stevenson University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There is no specific stereotype everyone here is truly different


The stereotype about Stevenson University students fall into three categories; jocks, rich kids, or art kids. Stevenson University has a robust sports program with an insanely good D3 Lacrosse team. Stevenson University also has a Film and Theatre program, which is a major attraction to kids who ride fixed-gear bicycles and wear scarves. Lastly, the tuition for Stevenson University is rather pricey, so many get the impression that if you go to Stevenson you come from a family of means. If Montgomery County, Annapolis and the 83 Corridor mean anything to you, then you know what I'm talking about. However, many students at Stevenson University are very relaxed and laid back and there aren't many "cliques" at the school. It's college after all. Hang out with who you want!