Stevenson University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion of Stevenson University is a good one. As a transfer student the first day of class I felt like I was being challenged, and my instructors actually knew what they were teaching. Nine times out of ten my instructors held doctorates in their field, and the ones who didn't were just as knowledgeable. With very small classes (my Spanish class Junior year had seven people or so) the one on one time you can have with an instructor is virtually limitless. The Greenspring campus is beautiful and its design is very open; a park comes to mind when walking through the campus. The Owings Mills campus is new and fresh, and the Business school is positively luxurious with polished wood and that new Library smell. Computer labs (both Mac and PC) can service your electronic needs, a wonderful Library at the Greenspring campus, and a general feeling of academia await those who seek education at Stevenson University.