Stevenson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who want a good education at a small school. Teachers care about each individual student since the class sizes are small and you get individualized and personalized learning.


I'll start off by saying any type of person should attend this school. It is a very diverse school. Over the years attending this school I have met a lot of people with different goals, personality, life styles, and attitudes. The people I have met and befriended are all different kinds of people, so I don't think there is a certain kind of person that should attend this school.


Only hardworking, dedicated and motivated students should attend Stevenson. For the nursing program, there are very strict rules that you must follow in order to stay in the program. The amazing thing about Stevenson is that you can apply and become accepted to the nursing program YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. The school is tough, but very well known in the community and well respected.


A person that is very studious and driven should attend this school. A person that really values education and takes everything that they learn seriously.


A person that can say something in four words while other take 100.


The types of people that should attend Stevenson are students that want a small school that is able to give each student special attention. Professors are east to make meetings with an willing to help out any way they can.


a person who enjoys small class sizes where the teachers pay close attention to the lesson and actual teaching.


A person focused solely on the greater learning experience who embraces personal attention from the staff and administration. Also a perosn who has high interest in extra curricular clubs and activities.


Anyone, this school is not biased towards anyone.


Anyone who is passionate about their field of study and would like a carreer in that field after college.


A person who is focused on their career and are determined to reach their goals should attend this school. Someone who is also a hardworker should attend this school.


Someone who is going to be able to get all their work done and still go out and have a good time on weekends.


A person who should attend this school should be career focused and serious on their future. Villa Julie is a school with great pride and it is not a school people pay alot of money to go to and joke around. I would recomend being outgoing, ambitious, and a hard-worker.


A person who should attend Villa Julie is someone who is well-rounded, social, and intelligent. Many students at the school are active within the community and still academically focused. Students here are usually career oriented and focused.