Stevenson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who want a larger campus with a greater range of activities, or want to be closer to a larger metropolitan area.


You shouldn't attend this school if you prefer a large, urban school. Also, you shouldn't attend if you are not willing to study hard and be willing to succeed no matter what it takes. Do not attend if you are looking for a major party school.


Someone who is more interested in a bigger university or a "party school" probably will not like the college as much. Villa Julie (AKA Stevenson University) is a small school, but they make up for it with the atmosphere.


Those who want to be known by a number, not their name, or those who do not want a close relationship with their professors.


People who don't like smaller classes, doing fun on-campus activities and people who don't like working with others should not attend my school.


A person who has a strong emphasis on a sports career or a person who does not take their academic work seriously.


A person who does not want to succeed.


There isn't a kind of person that shouldn't attend. Everyone fits in here.


For Villa Julie College, I believe that the type of person that should not attend this school is someone who is focused on spending time in teh outdoors. There is not many people who agree with the view of hunting or fishing; especially for a living. Furthermore, it is harder for these people to fit in because many students grew up near the city and have not had the same type of experiences.


An intelligent individual who wants to be involved in a school that is more like a family and wants to achieve academic success.


Someone very interested in engaging classroom discussion.




Someone who isn't career-oriented, friendly, and doesn't like fitting in. This college (now university) is very friendly and strives to make sure that everyone finds their niche and get the most out of their colleg experience.


People who shouldn't attend Villa Julie College are those who are not open to change. Currently the school has changed its name from Villa Julie College to Stevenson University and with this name change there are many other drastic changes taking place.


A person who doesn't want to succeed. Villa Julie is a school that wants you to succeed. From internships and helping with resumes, from tutoring to supplemental instruction, success is all around us. Our teachers and administrators want us to do well and do everything to make to try and make it happen for us.


Anyone who enjoys nature and community involvement would immediately fall in love with Villa Julie. The school takes pride in keeping its campuses beautiful and in encouraging student involvment. Nearly every day, there is some sort of activity to bring students together to better themselves, their school, and their community. Villa Julie exposes students to the world as it truly is. A sort of reality check for anyone. But, in truth, it provides a relaxing atmosphere that drives students to do their best in every endeavor, whether academically, personally, or socially.