Stevenson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Having to show our ID's everytime we enter our residents halls eventhough the security guards know us after the first month.


It is very expensive and while it does have study abroad opportunities, there are very few.


The lack of extra curricular activites at Stevenson University, is what I find most frustrating. There are very few clubs on campus, and the clubs that do exist do not promote themselves to new students to let them know that they exist. Recentley I wanted to join the Women's Club Basketball Team. I signed up to be notified when the club started back at the beginnign of the school year. By the time the team was able to come together there was only one week left in the school year, so we were unable do anything for this year.


It's a prestigious school, where a career is certainly promised. So there is a great deal of presseure to prove yourself, and trust that you can acheive your goals in todays professional world. It extremely hard work and it requires a great deal of dedication to attend this school. But i would recommend it to any young adult looking for a promising career.


Student Accounts


Stevenson University, formerly known as Villa Julie requires Freshman to sign up for the largest meal plan whether they want to or not. Basically if you make friends and start socializing off campus it is money out the window that you or your parents might have spent on the pizza, wings or sushi that you are actually eating.


Financial aid is always on the minds of the students. Stevenson University is expensive and tuition is still increasing. And honestly, I don't have enough finacial aid to continue here.


The size of my school is the frustrating because, everyone knows everything about everyone. And this sometimes becomes very bothersome. The size also reminds me of the high school and I would like it if it were a place I could explore.


That student who live on campus feel that they are more important than those who are commuters such as myself. It makes you feel like telling them that they should try to be a commuter for a day and see what it feels like to be picked up from the campus by a parent or older sibling or having to ride the metro shuttle to the train station and have to catch a train and bus to get home. Or like on my friends who has to catch the train then catch two buses just to get her home.


Having to pay twenty thousand dollars a semester is the most frustrating thing about my school. I wish my school was a lot cheaper so I could afford going there without panic.


The most frustrating thing is that there isn't always activities going on.


Having nothing to do on the weekends.


Not having enough space in classes and the whole registration process. I your registration time is on Friday by time you go to register almost all of your classes are full.


I feel that not being able to afford basic things such books and supplies hurt my chances to succeed.