Stevenson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small classes, so it is easy to ask questions about confusing material.


Personal contact, samll class size


The best thing about Stevenson University is the community feeling. As a freshman I felt more than welcomed by the returning students, faculty, and staff. It truly feels like a home away from home. Everyone is extremely nice and the professors are very approachable. The faculty and staff have your best interest at heart. Stevenson prepares their students to lead both successful and fulfilling lives.


The name carries a lot of clout in this area so it's popularity may increase chances for job opportunity.


The best thing about Stevenson University is the sense of community throughout the entire school. Stevenson is a small school with class sizes around twenty students. The ability to have a personal connection and good communication with the teachers is an amazing benefit going to a small school. It allows you to become more involved and interactive with the courses and your professors, thus creating a perfect learning enviroment. Stevenson is such a great community, and we all look after one another and care about our local community, school, and eachother.


The best thing about my school is that it is very diverse and the amount of students in each class is very small. Also, once a student chooses a major, there are required classes that the student needs to take in order to make them well aware of the fields that they are getting into. Also, my school is very career focused and the advisors helps students to find internships that will expose them to their desired careers.


The best thing was teachers cared about you and the staff were very friendly.


My school is a private institution and the best thing about it is the small class sizes and ability to engage in a close relationship with the instructors.


The staff, I love how involved they are with you. If you have a proble they will make it there priority to see you and talk to you.


The small class sizes are the best because it allows the professors to be more personal with you and help you individually.


The professors are always avaliable even after office hours.


Job-placement after graduation.


The size. . . not too big, but not too small


Minutes away from things to do off campus.


The best thing i like about my school is it is close to my house, and that the class sizes are wonderful


The personal attention that you receive from the professors.


The small class size and getting to know your teacher on a personal level


The class size is the best. Classes are generally small so I am able to get more help from teachers and it is more personal. I feel that I learn more in small classes because we are able to have more discussions and are able to learn from each other, as well as the professor.


How close everyone is. People are very freidly and everyone is pretty outgoing so you make friends quickly.