Stillman College Top Questions

Describe how Stillman College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Attending Stillman College gives you another family away from home. The Campus is small, so easy to classes. the campus is a very friendly environment. So if you like small and want an upper level education stillman is the way to go. Stillman offers a wide variety of activities to enrich your college experience. From religious groups, professional organizations, all the way to Greek life, Stillman provides an enriching environment for students with a plethora of interests.


Stillman College is a historic black college that I chose to attend to be aroun students like myself; however it a very expensive private school that doesn't offer enough to make my college experience a good one.


Stillman is: academically progressive, caring, strick, small, deserving of more recreational facilities for the students, in need of a"Big Mamma" in the kitchen, Caring Administrators (no matter what level of matriculation you are at), grateful for the arts, deserving of a larger library, lucky to have a partner like the University of Alabama and a great place to make life long friends!


Stillman is entirely too expensive for the teaching curriculum.


we are a family at Stillman College!