Stillman College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I would brag on the most is the warm embrace that everyone has. When you first step onto Stillman's campus everyone is so warm and they show a lot of hospitality to their guests. The friendships that you make are long-lasting ones. Having teachers who are actually concerned about their students well-being makes you feel special inside as if they really care that you succeed in life and that makes you along with the friends make you want to build a great education at Stillman College. So I say choose Stillman, hoping you would.


The social life is very exciting meeting people from all over the US, and being active in sports.


The nice teachers and faculty who help when one come to them. There is a diversity alos that is a great experience. One have met students from nigera and germany. The games and activities that bring the students together are great. we have a student support service that help us to succeed while attend the school. The sponsors are very caring and really help us and are very involved in us been successful and completeing our goals. we have healthy food because the school care about our health. we have a nice campus that is nice to look to see.


Teachers, Teachers, Teachers! The Professors at our school coupled with the class size was the deciding factor in my selection of Stillman to continue my academic matriculation. I was accepted at and received scholarships to several colleges and or universities ranging from extremely large to relatively small. I chose Stillman for the Professor to student ratio. This was very important to me as I am a pre-medicine major and did not want to be just a number in my science classes. My decision was reaffirmed when I received a paid medical internship at the end of my freshman year.