Stillman College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that should attend Stillman College is a person who is comfortable being a small college, being away from home, ambitious, determined, ready to work, and want to able to seek personal help from professors and staff.


The kind of person that should attend Stillman College is any kind of person; from personality to nationality. Campus is as diverse as a jungle.(without the pecking order) Stillman College is a HBCU;although, I would recomend any race of people to attend.


Those who are inerested in attending a black liberal arts college or university.


The type of student that should not attend Stillman is the type of student that is not ready to be faced with responsibilities.


There could never be a "wrong" type of person that should attend Stillman. The hearts of many are welcomed at this college and very few leave Stillman unaffected. Stillman is not distracted with the seemingly necessary materialistic things that belong to this misconception of "college life." This institution aims straight for the heartfelt areas that many colleges and universities try cover up with meanless possessions. Stillman College is easily made for any person who desires to be affected for the future.


If you are interested in a historical black college and furthermore in a small town, supporting, close environment you would enjoy the Stillman campus.


Everybody should join this college.


Someone looking for a religious and faily oriented institute. This school have great teachers who are very caring , nuturing, and help students one on one while aslo challenging them. The school is one big family that recah out to each other. The education is good firm learning and thre are many activities taht one can get involved in that is involved in one's majior. There are hands- on lab with challenges , but its the effort one puts forth. there are activities that bring students together like plays , events about careers , and open mic night. this is a good school.


Stillman College is a HBCU and also a Christian school. So, a very spirtual african americian should attend stillman. however we do not discriminate.


Students from small cities, who are use to the lack of social clubs, concerts, etc


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who actually likes the idea of a small interactive campus.


a person with a alot of personality and the lability to learn and live in a small college community