Stillman College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I widsh would have knew that there were going to be some sleepless nights due to working hard and trying to get everything done in one day before I started at Stillman.


I wish I had known that there is no male/ female visitation, not even family. Also there is no work out facility for the regular students on campus.


How expensive it was to attend this school but get nothing in return. This school promises a lot during tours and orientation but when u get settled in you are very much stuck. Credits don't transfer due to the general ed classes that they require. Financial Aid is always slow and irresponsible. Some teachers don't care aboutt your well-being; internet doesn't work 90% of the time so work doesn't always get done on time. Dorms are not up to par and safety is a BIG issue at the school.


How many loans I would have to take out and how expensive this school. Also that they did not have public transportation in this town. That once you start at this school that not all of your credits will transfer.