Stockton University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everything is in an enclosed area and it's not hectic to find your way around. The school is close to the shore and there is a lot of clubs and activities to become a part of.


The diversity of the school is the thing that I brag to my friends about because it is an average school but you can meet amazing people from different backgrounds.


It is so much fun, the professors are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and I have made life-long friends here. Anyone can fit in at Stockton.


When I talk about my school to my friends I always mention how beautiful the college is. The beautiful lake and woods that are all around. Also, how the school is well known for how "green friendly" they are and everything they do to make the college that way. Not only the looks of the school but also the staff and students there. The staff is very friendly and is very helpful when needed. The make sure that their students are successful. Lastly, the students are very helpful. The students are very friendly and well respected to the school.


I brag how organized the administration is at Stockton. The new student center centralized all the financial and administrative offices in one beautiful building. This makes a students time at Stockton more enjoyable and allows for little frustration or confusion when registering for classes.


I brag about getting to know different people , great professors who are always willing to help. I also brag about going through EOF program and having a cool Job on campus.


I feel like I belong. The professors are always willing to help you out, and the environment is very relaxing.


I brag to my friends about my track team. I tell them how great our science and Criminal Justice programs are. I also tell them how amazing all of the professors are at Stockton.


I really like my small campus and that it is close to Atlantic City.


I have my own room, Professor Smith is the man. Thats all to say about the school when "bragging".


that i have met a few nice people


my social life is great at school


That I am getting very good education compared to others school along the east coast.


I tell my friends that Stockton works very well with student's schedules and that I am able to still attend school full-time and keep my full-time job. Stockton College is close to home so that I am still able to commute and save money by not having to pay for on or off-campus housing. I also tell them I feel confident that I will be able to find a great job after I recieve my degree from Stockton.