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What is your overall opinion of this school?


Attention: DO NOT ATTEND THIS COLLEGE. They will rip you off with garbage, sub-par classes taught by biased teachers with little to no primary resources to back up their lessons. They will take thousands from you and refuse to give a cent of it back when you present a list of good reasons . They will make you jump through flaming hoops to pay that exorbitant bill, and then tell you that they don't take Visa. WHO DOESN'T TAKE VISA? They will make you wish you had never gone to college after all the nonsense and embarrassment they will put you through. They will provide you with mediocre campus facilities, yet spend millions on a marble fireplace. They will close your favorite campus facility and never re-open it. Stockton's athletes have been working out in closets for two years. They will do everything within their power to siphon money and enjoyment from your life. DO NOT GO TO STOCKTON COLLEGE!