Stockton University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I really don't believe that any one person should not go to this college because really it is for that one person to decide weather or not he or she should not attend here. If anyone person does not want to go here that would be their call to make ulimately. Everyone here is very nice and relaxed so if someone can not handle a laid back state of mind than thats for them to complain about.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they are culturally incompetent or intolerant.


If you are looking for a big 10 party school, this is not the school for you. Stockton College is perfect for those who are interested in getting an education but still having a great time. There are activities to accomodate everyone from fraternity parties to movies in the cafeteria with a game night. It is a medium sized campus in the woods with apartments across the lake from the dorms and main campus. Visually it is large but everything is only a short walk away.


I believe a person who is not looking to get involved in their school in every aspect should not attend Stockton. It is a school that offers so many opportunities for the students to really get to know everyone and to become part of their own niche. Also, a person who does not want to apply themselves educationally should think twice about attending. From what I gathered even from orientation it takes a great deal of focus and determination to succeed.


Anyone who does not care about others or the environment should not attend this school.


People who don't enjoy being around friendly students and faculty should not attend this college.


Someone who is more into the urban, fast paced environment. Someone who does not enjoy living close to the forest. Someone who is allergic to many plants and vegetation.


The type of person that should not attend this school, are those who really don't care about their education. People who think that they are in college to party, sleep around with others, and never show up to class. This also goes for those who think that no one can teach them anything because they know it all already. As well as people who want to stay shut out of the world around them. If I described any of the attributes that fit you as an individual, then Stockton is not for you.


People who are shy and enjoy lots of extracurricular activities should not attend this school. People who are very active and always need to be doing something will find this school extremely boring (such as myself), especially if they do not like going to parties, should not attend this school. This school is very unorganized, so people who have issues that need to be resolved right away should not attend Stockton.


People that love to party everyday should not go to this school. Also, people that want a big school should not attend Stockton.


No one, everyone who is willing to get a college education will feel comfortable on campus.


a layed back person who would like a smaller school, a small campus with lots of woods. it is close to atlantic city and the beaches. friendly people small classes and teacher who care. also the campus is dead on weekends so someone with a local job or near by home would also do well.


A typical person at this school is from central/south jersey. They like surfing, skateboarding and relaxing in the sun.




Someone who likes big classes. There are some lecture classes but most of my classes have only had max 25 people.


Some one who is looking for easy A's because it wont happen.


Those only looking for activities or clubs. There are those available, but they are not as large or as active as clubs at surrounding schools.


A very close minded person who has no interest in trying new things or meeting new people.


A person that is looking for a big amount of students on campus. A student that does not like to attend class or doesn't take school seriously.


A person who is not open to cultural and ethnic diversity should not attend this school. Narrow minded people should also not attend this school.