Stockton University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Unfortunetely, Stockton has the tendancy to be always inivating and trying to make our campus better, so there is some construction going on occassionally, although getting new buildings and creating new programs is a plus.


The day when students pick their classes. It is a little overwhelming because of the fact that there are so many students that want and have to pick their classes.


Richard Stockton College suffers from the drawback of being a suitcase school. Since it is directly linked to both the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway, commuters can easily reach the school. This leads to a smaller residential population, and more students are apt to go home on weekends or come to campus solely for classes.


The number of commuter students compared to the amount of parking spaces available.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the food that is offered. While it does have some food for vegetarians, if forgets about the people who are allergic to different foods. I am not a vegetarian or vegan (which the school provides food for) but I am allergic to gluten. This is anything with white flour and barley. Because of this, I cannot live in a housing area that does not provide a stove. I walk through campus feeling sick sometimes because I smell the gluten. Sometimes they have some options, but not enough to have a meal plan.


Registration process as a freshman


The most frustrating thing about the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is that there are so many entertaining classes that I do not need to take but truly wish I could. I am going to be a fifth year senior and wish I could have taken 6 classes a semester instead of just 4 because even though they do not fit into my goals for my majors, I would love to get even more educated and experienced.


The most frustrating thing about my school may sound ridiculous at first, but once I explain why, you will understand. The fact that is is one long building is very confusing. There are 14 wings, but they are not all along the same wall, so as a new student, walking out of one wing to get to the next can get you lost, because you don't know weather to turn right or left. It takes some getting use to, but that is what I find the most frustrating.


I honestly do not believe that there is anything frustrating about Stockton. It is an extremely relaxing environment where all the students are laid back and the faculty actually cares. It is surprising how far the faculty will go to help out the students who go here. They make time for you if you need tutoring and will answer all of your questions in a speedy time period. This school is even less frustrating than high school and it is amazing about how everyone is treated on the same level, the level of equality.


The tuition. I thought that living at school wouldnt be that expensive but twenty grand a year is a bit much for instate tuition. The holds they put on your account for not being able to pay tuition ontime is annoying.


The most frustrating part about my school is that the parking lots are always full!


The most frustrating thing about this school are the long lines at the food places. The internet connection and website are not the greatest either and there is poor phone signal.


The phone service(depending on the provider) is not that great in certain areas.


chartwells. and their new 10yr contract


picking classes


The only situation that frustrates me at Richard Stockton College is the fact that they have limited parking. They are building o to the schooll which took away from the commuter parking.


The cost of living. It costs students 911 a month for a dorm thats a double, and move for a single. They charge $1,300+ for meal plan too, so the cost of living on campus is well over $1000 a month.


Some administrators in the academic division as well as in housing get away with a lot. When you need to get something done or a wrong is not being made right you just get a run around. The school has violated serios laws. It has really made me change my outlook on it this year. Lets just say they wouldn't want a lawyer or the media snooping around on the campus.


Forced to pay large sums of money for improvements that will not be completed by the time i graduate.




The school administration, a monkey could do better.


Its frustrated not being completely aware of where to go for guidance as to the next step after graduation.


The school does not have the best meal plan. You must have a meal plan if you live in certain housing and the meal plan costs a lot but does not offer much. If you get a small meal paln like 5 or 7 a week the amount you pay is like $10 per meal but they only give you $5 dollars worth of food. The food is not great, but they are trying to make it better.


The most frustrating thing about Stockton is that I love this school so much and I can barely afford to go here. I filled out the FAFSA, but they are saying that my parents make too much money. They offered me a loan, but I'm reluctant to take it because what happens if, God forbid, I am not able to pay it back? I don't want to finish college and start my life and my career in debt.