Stonehill College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very concerned with superficiality, whether it be grades or looks; they are hard-working, but more focused on the benefits of their actions and the praise they receive rather than the actual learning process.


Students here are always friendly! It has often been said that students here hold doors for "awkwardly long periods of time"...and it's true! It's not uncommon to hold a door for someone, strike up a conversation with a stranger in the dining hall, or become friends with someone you sit next to in class. Our students are all diverse in terms of academics, race, sexual orientation, talents, and interests. During your time at Stonehill, get to know as many students as you can..chances are you'll leave here with a whole bunch of truly great friends and acquaintances!


My classmates are very friendly and have a very obvious sense of wanting to learn and understand the material.


Like myself, most of my classmates are white, middle class students from New England who feel badly about being 'privledged' and are frustrated that Stonehill's community is not more representative of the real world in its lack of diversity; however it is hard to walk through the dining commons without spotting at least a dozen friends and giving a friendly smile or wave to the numerous accquaintances each student has the opportunity to make in the friendly atmosphere Stonehill encompasses.


My classmates at Stonehill, while competitive, are insightful, hard-working, and great notetakers. My peers are those students that when one person sees a classmate working hard and paying attention, he too pays attention. Despite each person's struggle to get as perfect of grades as possible, my classmates are willing to share information and knowledge in order to help another person succeed.


Females wearing a Northface and UGG boots.


Reasonably hard-working, semi-serious, not too big into activism, and willing to make friends in a small-school environment...


Classmates are very friendly and engaging in class discussion and are attentive to the lecture.


My classmates are dedicated students, goal oriented, involved, diverse, smart people.


Stonehill students are mostly from the Northeast.


Everybody is friendly and outgoing.

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