Stonehill College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Stonehill College is a very friendly school. People kind of joke about how Stonehill students are so nice that we all hold doors for each other for awkwardly long periods of time. There's a strong sense of community on campus, that may be why Stonehill is so big on community service. Students can volunteer through the Into the Streets Program at all kinds of different locations, from animal shelters, to daycares, to nursing homes. The strong sense of community Stonehill students feel on campus, carries over when they volunteer and do community service off campus.


Stonehill College is best known for their beautiful campus as well as ranking very high for "Happiest Students."


Stonehill College is very well known for its success rate of graduating students who already have careers in sight. The Office of Career Services provides excellent resources for obtaining internships, Study Abroad experiences, careers, and graduate school acceptances. Approximately 90% of students that graduate from Stonehill leave with a prospective job awaiting them or an acceptance from a graduate school in their chosen field.


We are known for our small classes, engaging teachers, volunteer work, science classes, study abroad programs, and internships. ARound 40% of students here will study abroad and have at least one internships before graduating. Many of us are also greatly involved with the volunteer oppurtunities here. We are also known for most of the students being happy here. We also have a very beautiful campus.


My school is best known for its high standards. It is known as being a great school with intelligent students.


Academics, pretty campus.

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