Stonehill College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus is very welcoming but not politically active. Almost everyone feels welcome here. Oh, and they just built a brand-new science center.


Because the music program is so small, it allows for performance opportunities that I wouldn't have at other bigger schools.


"The professors at Stonehill care about the whole person, rather than just the academic portion of their students lives." This is the aspect of being a student at Stonehill College that I value the most. The small class sizes allow the professors to really get to know their students and therefore they become mentors instead of just lecturers. Professors provide ample scheduled office hours and encourage students to stop by at any time, whether they need academic assistance or feedback, or just want to talk.


beautiful campus...knowing everybody


I'm close to Boston and I get to go into Boston alot. It is a small Catholic School. The dance parties on the weekends which are famous.


Close-knit community, always something to do, always something to get involved in

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