Stonehill College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The students who attend this school were among the top of their class in high school, reicieved abovve average grades and performed well on the SATs or ACTs. They are also well rounded with volunteer work and extra curriculars.


Students who more interested in academics than with partying. Students who are willing to work hard and enjoy being in a close-knit, small community.


Needs to appreciate small school environment...Not a lot of diversity on campus... Also not a lot of school spirit, athletics or othewise... Need to take advantage of Boston, even tho not easy to get to... Academics not overly rigorous, despite school's reputation...


The person that should attend this school should feel comfortable in a smaller campus and spending alot of time there. There isn't too much to do off campus. The person should also be intense about their academics because the workload can be quite intense. The person should also feel comfortable with hands on projects, working with groups, and interning.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone who enjoys a tight-knit community and is willing to work hard to achieve success. The person should be friendly and willing to meet new people and become involved in campus life.


White catholics who are upper middle class to wealthy, conservative, close-minded and people who love to get drunk most immportantly the person who attends stonehill should be white


Someone who likes cliques and a very small community environment


Someone who wants small class sizes, personal attention, and is commited to learning and growing as a person.


A preppy, academically focused student.


Stonehill's a small school with a very friendly student body. You will see the same people often and get to know, at least, everyone's face - but usually their name too. If you're looking for the bright lights of a city - Stonehill's not for you. The campus is beautiful and relatively quiet, with alot of green space. There are a lot of ways to get involved here, and it also does not matter what religious affiliation you are. Also, there is not a bar scene, more on campus and some off campus parties. Good accessability to Boston!


A Stonehill student should be open to joining new clubs and activities. If you are friendly and outgoing you should have no problem fitting in here.

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