Stonehill College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who likes to have a lot of people around them. Stonehill is a pretty small school, so if you don't like seeing the same people everyday, it would not be the school for you.


Stonehill College offers a liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition to the 2.500 students it houses. Stonehill offers challenging courses directed towards students who are determined, hard-working, and in pursuit of knowledge. For the student who expects college to be one continuous frat party with thousands of friends and little actual work, Stonehill is not the place.


Stonehill is not the school for someone in search of large classes in lecture halls or someone hoping to skate by without doing work or attending class. The classes are (for the most part) relatively small, and professors will notice and care if you do not attend and/or do not do the work.


You shouldn't attend this school if you do not want to be challenged academically. There are many classes that are a lot of work and truthfully it is annoying when students come in and all they want to do is joke around and try to cheat there way through school.


Someone who is looking for a big university with lots to do.


Extremly artsy


Someone who values being a complete individual and is looking for a diverse environment.

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