Stonehill College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The very best thing about Stonehill would have to be the atmosphere on campus. The students and faculty and staff get along well. The classes are small. The students are both academically focused and involved heavily in extracurricular activities. There is always something to do and someone friendly to do it with. For example, there is a joke around campus that Stonehill students will always hold the door open for the person behind them, even if that person is 100 feet away. This shows the friendliness and caring the Stonehill students have for one another.


The professors are extremely helpful. They're willing to do whatever it takes to see their students succeed.


At Stonehill, I believe the best things are the dorms along with an excellent curriculum to allow the students to grow academically and morally. The dorm rooms are, in my opinion, above average in size and well kept by staff, which I believe keeps the students happier. Since Stonehill is a medium sized school, you easily grow a relationship with your professors. I for one have grown a strong relationship with mine, which has allowed me to thrive academically and morally. The workload is a lot to handle sometimes but with dedication it is always possible.


It's a very comfortable and beautiful environement,. Professors are extremely helpful, and I feel like I learn a lot. I also feel like I've made a lot of friends.


The best thing about my school is how much of a perfect fit it is for me. It is a nice small environment so the classes are very small and personal so theres no pressure to have to try and make myself known to the professors. It was also very easy to make friends and get involved in things because of the small size.


Stonehill College has a tremendous community atmosphere. I was interested in Stonehill from the beginning of my college search because I came from a high school that was focused on unity, support, and service. When visiting Stonehill on a tour, I could immediately feel that sense of community. Being a small, Catholic liberal arts college, it is easy to become involved and get to know a large percentage of the school population. Simply put, the students and staff care about one another.


The overall friendly atmosphere and close knit student body more than makes up for the lack of diversity. People make lifelong friends and connections during their time at Stonehill College for a genuinely enriching experience. I would not trade my time at this institution for time at another college or university for undergraduate studies.


The best thing about this school is the type of students it has. You will find several friends that have the same interests as you socially, athletically, and academically.

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