Stony Brook University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very friendly, active, smart


My classmates are generally unresponsive, but there are always a few who continually and actively participate in class.




Most of my classmates are friendly and help me with studying or notes when they can. Many of them tend to be shy or quiet even when we're in a smaller classroom. However, they're more comfortable working in groups (from the classes that I've taken). A few of them are too competitive and even though they're extremely brilliant, they don't share their knowledge like the rest of us, and I feel that they should because a team should be mutual in terms of sharing knowledge. But other than that, I'm comfortable with them.


My classmates are male engineering students.


They are all amazing.


My classmates are enthusiastic, approachable, and hardworking. They are very social and party only when there is free time.


they suck.


Very diverse group of people.


My classmates were helpful and freindly.


Very Smart, Inquisitive, Focused, Hard-Working, Goal Oriented, Cut-Throat


Motivated, but friendly. A large portion of the campus population is Asian, and some do keep to themselves, but making friends is overall easy. Everyone here who I encountered was intelligent and worthy of being in an upper-level college course.




they are social, helpful, and smart.


The classmates are very studious, eager to learn people who like to stay on top of the reading material on a weekly basis.


My classmate are very diverse, coming from all parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia and even Europe. Because of this, I get to meet so many unique people and at the same time learn distinctly different cultures. Its helped me to become more open-minded about the world and the people that I meet.


cool and helpfull


Stony Brook has a very diversified student body. Yes, a large majority of our students are Asian, but even within that group there are many variations. I think it would be hard to find a person who couldn't fit in at SB. As the stereo-types go we have "preps" and "gangsters" and "goths". Aside from the wide variety of social cliques, we have a very political group of students. There are a plethora of clubs dedicated to politics, religion and common interests. The majority of our campus is from the Long Island area, and a large amount of Overseas students.


There is a lot of diversity on campus which is I found to be great. But, if you look chinese and take a chinese language course, you'll be expected to be a top student. Same thing if you're french and take a class in french, or spanish. We do have a decent sized jewish population and a kosher place on campus, but it's only place, with short working hours. Everyone is treated the same in terms of religion and culture. If you want something special, you have to go out and find it. We have a japanese/indian/chinese dining hall, but the food selection never changes. There are events catered to certain religions, but not a huge diversity, just your basics and a small amount to each. As far as I know, there is a small LGBT population, but then again, many people might not be open to it, but it is small, and a decent amount of straight supporters, but also somewhat small. Students dress casual, very casual, some even go in PJ's. When you're in NYC, there is a distinctive style, and people are more dressed up but on campus, it's T-shirts and jeans year round with the occasional girl in a mini-skirt while there's a blizzard out. Also, outside of a club, team, and you're friends, people don't interact. Students don't care about anyone else. There are friendly people, but a lot have the New York mentality of "who the hell are you?! and why are you bothering me?" paired up with a weird stare. It's takes some patience to get others to talk, but expect to be ignored at first.


One of the things I love most about Stony Brook is that everyone feels welcome in Stony Brook. I've never not seen anyone accepted among the student body. Although there are alot of people, by the end of your college career, you'll know so many people because there are so many activities. In fact for about 2 months, StonyBrook has a type of Spirit Month and it's just amazing because all the events that go on will help you get to know people. One of the things I'm looking forward to is Midnight Breakfast. It is an opportunity for students to mingle with their professors late at night after studying for the finals. From what I have heard, a lot of people attend this event.


I think there is a pretty diverse student body here. Including a wide variety of races, political beliefs, religions, and economic situations. Most students are very involved in something. Most students are from New York.


What we pride ourselves as it that Stony Brook is DIVERSE. And for someone who comes from NYC, Stony Brook does a pretty good job at that. We get people from everywhere and there is a place for everyone. Its hard to feel left out of campus, since there are many groups all around. Though you do see homogeneous groups of Asians (as in Chinese groups, or Indian groups, etc) which is our stereotype student body, look closer and its pretty diverse. Also these groups as not stand alone or exclusive. Often members are there for their cultural means and diverge to other groups, who are not just one ethnic background. The majority of groups on campus are diverse and range from the sorority/fraternity interactions to just randomness and no one really belongs to a specific group. I myself can be the "marching band geek" for my participation in the color guard, but also just hang out with a large group of friends with different majors and interests. It really varies and its hard not to find a place to "fit in"


a lot of asian population , but mainly a commuter school


I heard a stat that SBU is 97% diversified which I find to be a positive-I feel that students are involved within a wide variety of clubs/organizations which boosts campus life/community


One of the best things about Stony Brook is its diversity of everything. No one is a minority at Stony Brook in my opinion. There are many races, religions, etc, and there is often a club or group associated with it. I think that everyone will find a group of friends in which they belong. Most people in Stony Brook are in middle class. Stony Brook is predominantly left in its political convictions. However, we still have a group for Republicans.


unless you're in a cool science major (marine, environmental, geology, archaeology) you're not usually a fun person. Too interested in work. there are some real weirdos on campus, and people who think who the hell they are. You get completely opposite ends of the spectrum. some people are really snotty, and will wear designer shoes, shirts, pants, and handbags to class, while others really just got out of bed and went. usually it's cold, so i'll wear a hoody. four tables of students...the group of fast talking asians, the group of giggly girls with loud boys, the group of hoodlums (and you wonder how did they get accepted here), and then the group of just a few friends eating sac pizza. people are from near and far, poor and rich, everyone's different, but mostly democrats.


Food sucks! Student diversity is awesome


I think that caucasian transfer students from the US but not from the Long Island NYC area are the worst off here. Not to be self-defeating, but this is my personal experience. I am not from around here and getting used to the area was hard enough before I had to learn to live with people who I had absolutely nothing in common with, who didn't care to meet me. Just about any out-of-country student can find a group of people here which they will fit right into, but for me it took a considerable amount of time. The transfer students aren't really introduced to Stony Brook in a way which gets them thinking about clubs or extracurriculars. For some reason I've also come to the conclusion that people just aren't as friendly on Long Island as they are in other places . Its hard to meet people who dont already have their entire lives planned out to the minute because they are in their element, they are still home, and you aren't. Most Stony Brook students are from Flushing, Queens or somewhere on the island.


I don't understand how so many stupid people get into Stony Brook. It's supposed to be a really "good" school, but yet it's filled with people who I'm shocked graduated high school. Be more selective, SBU!


i think people stick to their race and people they can identify with mostly.




Most students wear sweats/jeans or Tshirt and jeans. Most students are probably middle class.


Diverse. That sums it up all in one word. Stony Brook is rich in diversity of every kind and we're proud of it too!


I've made a lot of friends here, and have overall had a very positive experience. However, as I mentioned before, I am one of the few students here that is NOT from Long Island. This was the hardest part about getting used to SBU, because Long Islanders can be REAL dicks. Additionally, I found it extremely difficult to live around frat/sorority types. However, once I moved off campus (which is actually less expensive than the dorms), and found my niche, I was extremely happy.


Stonybrook is a very diverse place and anyone tolerant of that wouldn't feel out of place. I would probably not recommend someone who does not have a very outgoing personality to go to the school. Students wear a wide range of things to class but usually average middle-class cloth. You can see students dress certain ways for religious reasons. Students usually interact based on where they live or based on what organization they're in. Students who are members of very competitive or very active organizations spent a lot of time together otherwise they interact in very small groups. Most Stonybrook students are either from Long Island or New York City. There are however, students from other places and a lot of international students. Financial background is mostly lower to upper middle-class. Some students are very politically aware while others are totally apathetic. Politically for the most part students lean to the left. Weather students talk about how much they'll earn depends on the major they're in. The conversation is common-place in majors like Engineering and computer science yet rarely heard in things like political science or english.


I really like the people in the groups I'm involved in. people who are not outgoing. Anything they feel like. Yes. One is all Asian kids, another is a mixture of all races and another is all exchange students and the last is all black students. The NYC area. Middle class. Some of them are. The ones I know are predominantly left. Sometimes, mostly, I think we try and figure out what exactly we're doing.


There are all types of people in SBU. I tell people that when you come to SBU, you will most likely find your own niche. I believe there is someone for everyone.... I think this just helps make SBU more colorful and more interesting. Instead of making fun of people who are differnt or don't fit the mold, let them be and appreciate them for who they are. And you'll find that they have friends too... :) There are those who are politically active, those who are more interested in finding out about the best parties, those who want to make a differnce for people who are "different". Again, I think the student population spans all areas.


Stony is really diverse.


No idea


The campus is very diverse. There are daddy's rich daughters driving BMW's and inner-city kids who need every ounce of financial aid they can get. Asians, blacks, whites, hispanics, every background is represented. Sometimes it leads to problems. Most of the time, despite the diversity, there is little interaction going on between the different groups.


There's tons to do, but nobody seems to know that. Students should get more involved!


People aren't racist to the point of common interaction. A upstate new york student would feel out of place. Or someone who was happy with their life. Students who like people on the weekends would also feel out of place. Clothes. Some people wear expensive Prade, LV, Gucci but most wear Hollister for some reason because of their lack of style. Yes students interact well. The mauliks, brown kids, asians, rich white long island northfact kids. Long island, queens, NYC area. Some are really poor, some are extremely wealthy, most in between. Students are average politically, keep semi-tabs on the presidential race. We have both but alot of each. No i've never heard that ever.


Like I said before Stony Brook has students from across the globe. However these students tend to stay to their own race. They are not very welcoming, but that is not always the case. You have people using stereotypes and others who are just racist. The students I hang out with do not care about such silly novelties.


Stony Brook had a wide student body coming from a range of diff. backgrounds (everything from "long island kids" to international students from India). Students tend to be more left leaning with their political views and are generally informed about politics, even if its just on a local level. I guess most ppl who attend Stony don't come from super wealthy families, since it is a state school after all. However, there is a nice mix of laid back hippie kids, fashionable & trendy kids and those who really like to stand out. Student interactions outside of class vary from discussions about class & politics, to sports and fashion.


I feel that the kind of student who would feel out of place would definately be the slacker type, most students at SBU generally give a good effort in their studies. I have noticed many times including myself the interaction of all students all over the campus. One thing that i did notice was that a lot of SBU population were from one of the 5 bouroughs.


No experiance with this. A student who is not used to being surrounded by studnets from all over the world would feel somewhat uncomfortable. Casual clothes ( jeans, sweatshirts, shifts, t-shirts). Yes all types of students react. Some students are politically aware and some just dont care. It's a big school. Yes students do talk about how much they will make in the future.


very diverse and wudnt trade that for the world. lots of city slickers. hence they go home on wknds. kids from all financial spectra come here. which is reassuring. we have some of the most aware and intellecutally badass students at stony. harvard bring it.


if you go to stony brook, expect to make friends from all different kinds of background, race, religion, socio-economic status etc.


I feel like I fit in really well here. An upper class person who has a lot of money. Jeans. Yes- you have no choice if you want to make friends. One of them is full of athletes. Another is full of Asian students. Another is of white kids. Another is mixed. Long Island? Middle class I think. Very. Probably left. Not that I know of.


An American kid would feel out of place. Most students wear whatever they feel to class. Different types of students sometimes interact. 4 tables- asians-punks(thugs)-diversified group- athletes. Most stony brook students are from the island or NYC/Queens. Most kids are of wealthy backgrounds.