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Stony Brook University has a wonderfully diverse population and numerous opportunities to get involved with the campus community. Coming from a very small town, diversity was important to me and something that I found lacking at other universities I considered. By going there I was introduced to a wide range of opinions and life experiences which helped to shape the person I would become.


Strong diversity here with staff that pushes you to succeed


The campus life at SBU was so enthusiastic. I visited during Earthstock, which is a festival celebrating our planet (recycling, hula-hoop classes on the grass, a strawberry-themed festival) and it really spoke to me. The campus was so alive and vibrant that I knew Stony Brook was the right school for me. And on an unrelated note-- there is a train station straight to the city right on campus!


The diversity on campus is great. Close to New York City, the retention rate among Freshmen student is high and school spirit is soaring every year. The students here are very much in love wit the campus and faculty is also doing a great job of keeping us satisfied.


Stony Brook is a very diverse campus. People from all over the world come here and all for the same reasons, to further their education and provide themselves with a successful bright future. The other schools I have considered are not as open and diverse as Stony Brook.


Stony Brook University is unique due to its affordable budget while still maintaining a highly recognized reputation. This university is tough to handle, but it is satisfying in the long run. I will admit to crying for almost every class, excluding freshmen seminar, but succeeding in all. The professors relate their research to the courses they teach, making the material more tangible. Stony Brook is that jump the dependence to independence. This school is in deep with the type of career path that I wanted to take, and its scientific basis is what made it the obvious choice.


Stony brook has the most diversified students in the northeast.


The is a very, very large amount of students from the middle east and asia.


The sciences and mathematics departments are so important to the school, as it has it's own teaching hospital, that the school holds it's students to a higher standard. This challenges the studets to work harder, and better. This discipline along with the URECA program for undergrad research, Stony Brook is presents an atmosphere where students get hands on experience and real world applications to what they are learning in the classroom.


Stony Brook University has great programs for students to interact with one another. There are social events and encourage clubs and different organizations to form on campus. This gives us more options and gives us the freedom to express ourselves.


There is a lot of racial and ethnic diversity. Many students are international or national exchange students like me. I am on exchange from the University of Memphis for one year. I am happy I am in New York. The campus has its own train station on campus and it takes about 2 hours to get into NYC on the LIRR. It does seem easier than it is in reality though. It is equally close to the Hamptons and the Long Island Beach areas. Serenity describes this campus very well. However, serenity can sometimes border boredom.


It has access to a train station right next to the campus allowing me easier access to go home. At the same time however, many people go home via the train station leaving the campus deserted on the weekends


It's a very diverse school.


It's is cheap for the education.


Internationally ranked programs, progressive and respected faculy, real student power within the school, freedom of speech and inquiry, very reasonable cost, established local history, but most importantly, one of the best undergraduate research programs in the world.


Diverse student population


Diversity of culture, class, background is everywhere at this school. SBU opened my eyes to the variety of life that exists outside of my small town in upstate NY. In my opinion, SBU is the best choice for people who want a superior education but can't afford a private school price tag. Additionally, the size of the classes forces you to distinguish yourself from other people which causes you to develop social and motivational skills necessary for the rest of your life.


Did not consider other schools.


Stony Brook finds research very important; something unique about this school is the fact that it allows its students to have a hands on experience. Having my major in mind, Biology, I considered Stony Brook as one of my top choices because of the fact that it is big on research. In addition, the competitiveness of getting into Stony Brook is increasing, demonstrating that the education recieved by its students is one of the best in the world.


we have a massive asian population.


Everyone was open and friendly as soon as I came to campus.


It was the only public school I considered, and also the only research university. It's much more diverse than any of my others options were and much larger.


It is large enough to be its own town, equipped with its own Hospital. Very well known and diverse.


all kinds of different people


it's a nice environment to learn in.


Its really science geared so if thats what u want to do u have a lot of great options available to you . There is a great career center that helps if ypu want to get into other areas that this campus isn;t focuused on that much.


Stony brook has a very diverse population. The school is also alot larger than most schools I have looked at. In addition, Stony Brook provides a large range of different academic programs for many different majors where as most schools I looked at were relatively limited. This gives students a huge choice of courses to select from and even allows them to change their major without having to transfer if they no longer prefer their area of study.


Stony Brook is a well active school with many diverse activities.


It has a much more extensive biology department.


the amount of financial aid not offered. Also, the fact that the sciences are so difficult


It's very diverse, and it's a big school.


It's great.


My school has it's own hospital and Med School. This is beneficial to me because I am in the health science field. One day I may even work at Stony Brook's hospital.


Stony Brook is unique in the sense that the campus is made up of a diverse student population.


It's really diverse.


The people in the school are so diverse and different that it feels that no matter how long you've been in the school that there is always someone with a different story and path to how they got to the school and where they want to go. I feel that other schools just don't have the same vibe of friendliness and helpfulness that this school provides from the first day you get out of the train, which is convenintly located on campus, and beyond.


My school is very ethnically diverse, referring to both the staff and student population. In smaller classrooms, teachers are more interactive with students and tend to be a lot more helpful. This school also strives to be environmentally friendly, using recyclable products in dining areas, and placing recycling cans in every building. This school really stresses to protect the environment.


The fact that you see so many nationalities and different types of people getting along is very unique to me. You also see the diversity aming staff and administration as well.


Is there anyone who you think shouldn’t go to your school? Who would feel out of place there?


Is there anyone who you think shouldn’t go to your school? Who would feel out of place there?


In my opinion, commute. Save yourself the thousands of dollars of living on campus OR rent a space to live off campus. You will be much better off and probably save yourself some money too. If you hate your roomate, small chance you will move, almost impossible if you're a freshman because you have stay in the set of buildings you're assigned to. I've heard stories of hassles and it's just not pretty. Also, don't assume you're going to share with you're roomate. Bring you're own set of everything. The only possible thing might be a mini fridge that you can rent but with it's cost, you might as well buy your own. One year's rent cost the same as buying it.


i dont like it anymore. parking tickets galore. must like walking long distances. be prepared for instructors with heavy accents (european, asian, you name it, we've got it). the security guards are never around when you need them. professors are difficult for the most part to get in contact with outside of class, i have had several professors who i disagreed with the grading at the end of semester, after numerous phone calls and response. not even an explanation. if you do decide to come, please make use of the facilities which you are paying for anyway. the tutoring, library, computer lab resources, and free events...remember funding is coming from YOUR pocket. enjoy.


We're a good median between academics and social life. There's always a time and place for both. There will be underage drinking, drugs and the crazy stuff of that, but its like any other campus. But its not a problem at our campus.


for the most part sbu is a good school, but you'll meet a lot of people you'll hate, but then a lot of people who will be in your life for the rest of your life. the way the school is run really sucks, but good friends, good teachers, and good classes make you forget about it.


I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I will miss this "prison" when I leave it. didn't hear that.




Stony Brooks administration and academic advising is very unorganized and very helpful. When I was trying to fullfill my requirements to apply for the School of Nursing I had to speak to almost 5 different advisors, each of which gave me different advice and requirements. I am supposed to graudate in May and am STILL not sure if I have fullfilled all the requirements.


i truly love Stony Brook. if you get involved and if you are pro-active, this place is great for you. if you are ready to grow up and take responsibility for your life, your actions, your success, then you'll have no problem here. Stony Brook is where great leaders are made... it just depends on how bad you want it.


Stony Brook is an amazing school, and I have really had a great experience and can say the same about all the people I know here. I can GUARANTEE you that anyone who says otherwise is a Long-Island native (=spoiled brat!)


Overall, the school offers little besides a good education unless you're a member of a club or working on campus. do on or both.