Stony Brook University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


In my experience, I would say they are very inaccurate. As memeber of Undergraduate Student Government and Football team I do not feel segregated amongst my peers. I also love my school and dont plan on transferring.


It is very diverse, and many students are academically oriented, but they like to have fun, too.


At times you will feel like they?re accurate, but really it?s just based on people?s attempts to blame a group that only makes up 17{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people in the school anyway. They?re just finding excuses for themselves when they just can?t get settled or do well in a class. I think that the people who bring Stony Brook down in that way also hold some responsibility for the lack of recognition that the school may get. If Stony Brook were located somewhere else, you would probably have more people from all over the country applying.


As for the unhappy student body stereotype I would say it all depends on whom you ask. Stony Brook is a large commuter school, as much as half of the undergraduate population live off-campus or at home. Commuter students tend to feel disconnected from the campus community and experience less of the so called "college experience." In my opinion the stereotype is only partially accurate. Resident students tend to be happy and from what I have seen, transfer out less. Whether or not Stony Brook is considered a party school rests on what you consider partying. If you like bars and clubs then you will find a home quickly. However, the school is lacking in on-campus parties.


There are indeed many asians who attend Stony Brook, but I also notice there is overall a lot of diversity. You see people from every ethnic and religious background. As for Stony Brook being heavily science oriented, it is. However, Stony Brook has many great programs, not just in the physical sciences. In the case of Stony Brook "not wanting" their students to graduate, I think the reaility is in such a big school, a lot of people slip through the cracks and do not get the academic counseling they need. At Stony Brook, the resources are available to make sure you graduate on time, but you have to find them on your own. Most people don't keep track of the big picture as far as what courses they need for their major and for overall completion of a B.A or B.S program at Stony Brook, and thus are shocked to find out there is a requirement they never knew they needed. I can't really say whether or not the business program is any good.