Stony Brook University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek organizations and miscellaneous clubs and sports are popular


There are So many student activity groups it is hard to say which are the most popular. Personally, I am involved with Oxfam, the Culinary Club, SBU-TNG club, the SB cat network, and the Commuter Student Committee. This, along with the myriad of student activities keeps me both busy and well fed. (Most organizations and activities give away free food). Most of my closest friend I've met through these activities and through just being around on campus. 2am on a Tuesday? I'm probably hanging out at the TAC or grabbing a bit to eat at Kelly Cafe. Traditions include The Great Roth Regatta - Teams of people construct creative boats out of duct tape and cardboard and race them across a pond located on school grounds. Hundreds of people show up to participate and cheer the contestants on while they enjoy free food, treats, and paraphernalia. It is perhaps my favorite tradition. Other Annual events include Strawberry-fest, Rubber-Duck racing, Earth Fest, multiple ice-cream socials and a whole lot more that I cannot remember off the top of my head. Greek Life is somewhat big, but not something I ever became a part of. They often host parties and campus events that are usually very large, but level of involvement is very optional. Honestly, Saturday nights are pretty dead. Almost everyone goes home for the weekend, which is a shame, because wander campus with your friend on the weekend is very fun and is the basis of many of my fondest memories of Stony Brook. New York City is just a short train ride away so it is easy to make your way to the city for an adventure anytime-if you have enough money to afford a ticket, that is. Other off-campus activities include mall runs, adventure in the nice little waterfront town of Port Jefferson, and playing at the beach.


The community service club is incredibly popular. They have many events, and an enormous amount of members. In addition to this, our school has something called Humans v. Zombies. This is a club/game that includes anyone who wants to play. There are more than a thousand students who engage in this activity every year.


I am heavily involved in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS for short). We are a community service based honor society that sends out invitations to freshmen or sophomores that have achieved a GPA above 3.4. NSCS is very active on campus and recognized nationally – for the past two years our Stony Brook chapter has been recognized as one of the strongest chapters in the nation. Although there is a nominal fee to join, as a member you receive discounts to many of our affiliate companies and are eligible for thousands of dollars in scholarship money. We hold a few signature events each semester that are open to the campus community. One of my personal favorites is Autumn Ecstasy, a charity ball we hold each November. Like all universites, Stony Brook has many traditions. One of my favorite Stony Brook traditions is EARTHSTOCK, a celebration of Earth Day. During this event the academic mall is always full of student organizations and local organizations that support the environment. Last year I bought this cute box of note cards. However, they weren’t just ordinary note cards they were eco-friendly paper made up of 50% elephant dung! I am really looking forward to walking around all the tables in the Spring semester. In addition, every year around 2PM we have our famous rubber duck races. In the weeks prior to Earthstock everyone can adopt a duck for $1 at the Dean of Students Office. Everyone who adopts duck gets an official adoption certificate which entitles you to love and provide for your rubber ducky. The ducks are released from the top of “stony brook”, the waterfall that runs from administration down to the Wang Center. Honestly, the image of 500+ red ducks racing down “stony brook” is one of my favorite annual memories and makes me to happy. Later in the Spring semester, the entire Stony Brook community celebrates Strawberry Fest , which is a festival that honors Long Island’s seasonal fruit, strawberries. Local vendors set up various stations that have foods that all have some strawberry component. Some of the items from last year include grilled chicken with quinoa and strawberry salsa, strawberry fields’ salad and strawberry strudel! Tickets are available for purchase at any of the campus dining facilities for only $8.45 and can be purchased using meal points. My absolute favorite Stony Brook tradition is Roth Regatta, a boat race across Roth Pond. The trick is the boat can only be made with the following materials cardboard, duct tape, rope, paint, wax and Elmer’s glue. People fall into pond, boats crash, its madness! But entirely awesome at the same time.


The most popular groups are ethnic based groups. There are also a lot of charity groups like the red cross and other smaller ones. In my building many people leave their doors open. Athletic events are semi popular. Around Homecoming everyone gets excited for the game. There are lots of things going on--parties, events, speakers/lectures. Frats and sororities are kind of important but I'd rather ignore them. There are some things to do off campus as well such as go to the movies or the mall.


Dances, concerts, community service... everything is available


For every interest that someone can have, there is a group to join, but if you want to start your own new group you need at least five people who are interested in starting it with you. But that shouldn't be too hard. Becoming active on campus was one of the most important things to me when I got to Stony Brook. Many of my peers just stayed in their rooms all day playing video games and I knew I just didn't want to be that kind of person. I wanted to be the kind of person who tried out many different activities in order to find my niche(s). I am passionate about a lot of different organizations on campus. I am on E-Board for the ballroom dance team as their treasurer. I came to Stony Brook knowing they had a ballroom dance team and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. At orientation, the orientation leaders know the people to talk to about joining any organization you want to, just let them know what you're interested in and they will surely point you in the right direction.That's takes up a lot of my time but that doesn't mean there isn't time for other organizations. I am a member of Students Empowered Against Sexual Assault (SEASA) which works to educate students on what sexual assault is and how to prevent it on our campus. I am also a member of the undergraduate literary magazine, Spoke the Thunder, where I help vote written and artistic pieces in to the magazine and work on the production staff to layout the magazine. As a journalism major, I knew it would be important to join a publication on campus. I decided to join the Statesman because they are the oldest on campus publication with a good reputation. Stony Brook pride at sports games is so intense. I love going to basketball and football games because everyone wears red and students get to sit in the red zone where they chant for the whole game. If you come to Stony Brook with no pride, go to a sports game and that should get you pumped about our school. There is always some kind of lecture going on at night usually with some knowledgeable speaker. Or there are activities run by organizations happening all the time, usually at night and on weekends and often have free food, which is a major bonus but usually the food disappears quickly. Since the weekends tend to get boring, I decided to get an off campus job, which sets me up with hours on the weekends and Fridays when I don't have class. I recommend getting a job either on campus or off campus, if you have a car, but don't overwhelm yourself. I waited until sophomore year to get a job, and now I can't imagine life here without one.


On campus there are 100's of clubs and more every year. If its not there already, you can start it yourself. Most first year students choose to join their Hall Councils because its a great way to get involved and to meet other people in your building. My favorite group that I'm a part of is RHA. Its a group of reps from every building on campus who get together and try to make decisions for the entire campus. We plan events and work on safety issues. On campus there are sporting events almost every week, and SB has an incredible sense of school pride. We also bring in a lot of Theater groups, dancers and choirs into the Staller Center as well as the Theater Departments programs. I met most of my closest friends by hanging out at the Tabler Arts Center. We all met during Orientation the first week and chose to stick together. SB is really great about putting on programs for students. Every year we have a Homecoming parade, Halloween celebrations, the Roth Regatta and spirit week. All of these events involve the whole campus, but there are also programs put on by Quads and even the programs put on by the RA staffs of the buildings. In regards to the buildings, we do not leave or rooms unlocked. There is always that small chance of theft occurring even between friends so we have an anti-propped doors campus. Partying occurs of course, but its not a loud, messy everyday thing. The SB students are really responsible about the way they spend their time.


If you belong to a group, sports team, fraternity/sorority, etc, those people will become your friends because you'll spend so much time with them. Those are also the most popular, and chances are it's how you'll meet your friends. It's really difficult to meet others in any other way except those you live with, through a friend or a party. Parties are common, but not insanely huge. They tend to be more private and basically include only the people you know, not strangers unless it’s held by a frat. While walking outside, you may see the happenings of a party, but it's generally not crazy. Athletic events are popular....if it's not on a weekend. But there are a few every year that roads are closed down or we get traffic cops because so many people come by. The theater has some good stuff, especially if you're a classical music buff. But other good shows exist for cheap. If you stay for a weekend, you can go to the movies, go out to dinner, maybe go bowling somewhere...get ice minigolf....etc but only if you own a car or take a cab. Otherwise, you're only options are parties, studying, or video games. We do have a roth regatta, where different groups of people make their own boat, and then race it to the other side of the lake and pray it doesn't sink on the way. It's supposed to be fun. Overall, activities and social life are boring. Don't expect much and it will get dull quick.


I have just recently gotten involved in Greek life and I love it. I have met some of the most amazing people and I would not change a thing. There is always something to do and someone awake to do it with.


I'm apart of the Marching Band via Color Guard, and we basically are LOVED by the University, sorry to brag but when you have the President sitting next to you having a conversation about her college days, you're pretty much set. But doesn't mean you have to go out an learn and instrument and join up, there are many ways to get involved and have a lot of fun. This is just my way of being apart of the University and contributing to it. Residential life, in corridor style, most students leave their doors open, at least in my hall and most halls around campus. Suite style, is more inclusive, but still have their perks. I love the campus life during Wednesdays when we have campus lifetime, between 12:50PM - 2:10 PM no classes are held. Usually there are events going on, from carnivals for Homecoming, or our my favorite, Strawberry Fest. We also have other events that are landmarks for our University, Roth Pond Regetta which we race duck taped cardboard boats across our dirty pond and hope it stays afloat. We're not a big athletic school, sorry we're into pre-med, pre-law not the NFLs or NBAs. But our big games can be really fun ie, homecoming, last game of the season, special event games. Also, our party night is Thursday, so avoid morning Friday classes, I don't since I have no choice, but I don't go out every Thursday. Either students go out to the local bars/clubs, certain sport houses (Rugby house, Baseball house, etc) or Frat houses. One thing to note, Frats/Sororities are like any other club on campus, don't play a major role, but are there if anyone is interested. Sororities don't have their own houses, there's a old rule on long island the prevents them from having one. What I do on Thursday, is go to local suite parties, I got bored of going to club/bars, more like got too poor to afford them and hated needed a new outfit every time I went.


there are a lot of activities to keep you busy, but most people dont attend them unless mandatory


Being part of a sorority I have found that there are many events/programs that occur on a daily basis that are interesting and worthwhile on campus-a definite plus to student activity options.


Althetic events are not popular at all. Few people attend them, but the administration is trying to change this. Thursday night is the traditional party night at Stony Brook. There are dorm parties (although it is not really allowed) and many clubs around campus. There are many fraternities and sororities which are either diversified or based on ethnic background. Weekends are rather dull at Stony Brook. Most people go home. Typically, on a Saturday night, I would go to one of the several places to eat around campus, the mall, or the movies.


Not involved in any groups whatsoever, and not a dormer so i dont know. i've met my friends and my boyfriends in my environmental classes. i dont want anyone in my life who doesn't care somewhat about the planet. and i'm not on campus enough to know about parties/hanging out/nondrinking events/sporting events/or any other listed question.


Many clubs and organizations to join, so that can keep you occupied. I have recently succeeded in reactivating the national honor society, Alpha Epsilon Delta-The Preprofessional Health Honor society, which will not only have brilliant premeds, but any student pursuing for a career in the healthcare field.


I don't live in a corridor style residence hall, but I have lived in suite style and now the West Apts and I know NO ONE ever seems to leave their room door open to talk to their suitemates. The front door- no way, everyone is too scared that their stuff is going to get stolen. So it's very possible to live in a suite or apartment and never talk to a couple of the people you live with. Many people at the Apts. have their boyfriend/girlfriend live with them to save on housing even though it's not allowed. A lot of people here at the Apartments have dinner parties. What you do I guess depends on who you know and what you are involved with. The bars in Port Jefferson or Smithtown aren't too bad to go to, but they aren't great either. I don't really know what else there is to do on this actual campus at night other than drink. There are movies though in the Staller Center but I don't think they are too popular to go to .


Womp womppp.


Well as a commuter my life is basically going to class and going home the social life on campus is minute. Stony Brook is not very good at mixing resident and commuter. Actually it seems they discriminate against the commuter and cater the resident.




social life sucks. everyone goes home on weekends and its mostly a commuter school. i wish i went some where else.


No, we dont really leave dorm rooms open. Met most friends in class. If I'm awake at 2AM on Tues, probably procrastinating or going out to the bar. People party like every Thurs. The Greek Life at this school is not as big as it is at other schools. Off campus - shopping, going to Wal-Mart, hitting the beach. Hard to get off campus without a car. Public transportation sucks.


Like I said, there are over 200 clubs/organizations on campus including a great equestrian team, a wonderful ballroom dance team/club, religion based ones, ethnic education ones, etc... in addition to community service based clubs and pre-professional ones. Roth Regatta is one of the most popular events on campus where we compete with cardboard and duct tape boats across our very own man made pond. Another one is homecoming in the fall and strawberry fest. Earthstock is coming up and also sees a lot of participation.


There's plenty to do here, but I'm not the type to get really super involved, so I'm afraid I don't have much to say on this topic. However, I do know that many people get involved in sports and build social networks that way, while others choose from the extremely diverse array of clubs and organizations here on campus. Most people in dorms amuse themselves by drinking themselves silly, especially Thursday nights. Personally, I met most of my best friends by living in the dorms briefly. So, however horrible I think the dorms are, I would reccommend living in them to any incoming freshman.


Probably the most popular organizations are Asian religious groups. However, there aren't any predominently major organizations. one of the largest organization that is seen on campus a lot is NYPIRG (new york public interest research group), which spends a lot of time rallying for people to vote, as well as envionrments and consumer protection issues. Among political groups Social-Justice alliance and the Campus Republicans are also seen. I am a member of the crew(rowing) team, members of the team just like members of most other organizations are sort of in a clique. Because of the amount of time we spent together we know few people outside the team. We practice every morning at 6AM, for 2 hours eithe rowing or doing some intense cardio. While the team is a lot of fun and the best thing that I have going about this school, we constalty suffer from a lack of financial and overall support from the school. I can't comment much on the dorms since I've only been there aa few times. Athletic events/ guest speakers/ and theater are generally pretty unpopular. Except maybe for the Staller center, which receives some of the most popular shows in the world. The dating scene is diverse with some people dating, others not, I'm actually not so sure. As its probably clear from before, I met my closest friends by being a member of the crew team. I've also met some friends by working on campus and through my lab partners.


PUSO, ASA, The step teams. The Cat Network is a small but efficient group. I really love what we do and it serves the pre-vet purpose. Not in suite styles in Roth, anyway, corridor styles they do. Athletic events are not that popular. Guest speakers are not so popular either. Theater, I cannot say. I met my closest friends through friends of mine that went here and other people I knew. Probably school work. Homecoming and Spring week. People party often here if they can. Fraternities and sororities are not so important here. Last weekend I hung out with my friends. We play video games or watch movies. Off campus we go to the mall usually.


People immediately associate the college experience with drinking, getting drunk, going out to the clubs, etc. But what's the point of college if you're going to experience it in a drunken blur and constant hangover? Yea, have fun, but that's not what your experiences should be limited to. There are over 300 clubs and orgs on campus... they don't all involve drinking. It's funny, but while there are so many things to do on campus, you'll find that it's always the same people who do all those differnt things. I really enjoy taking part in Homecoming, Spirit Week, Roth Regatta... i enjoy going to the games as well. Especially now since the band is bigger, they really help create a festive atmosphere. I just really wish people would get more INVOLVED!!


Social life at Stony is highly overrated. The student activities board makes an attempt to put on programs but its nowhere near the level it should be at. People complain about a lack of things to do because the programs available are on the lame side. Outside of campus, this is definitely the kind of place where you need a car to have any real fun.


Frats seem to be the biggest group, everything else seems not important at all. Not many of these events seem too important.People party every thursday, and any other chance. I am one among the many who go hme every weekend.


Everyone should try the intramural sports. This is one thing SB definately gets right. As far as partying goes, the only real parties happen off-campus at clubs or frat-houses. Drinking is prevelant within the dorms.


I wish the nightlife in Stony Brook village had more substance to it. But at least NYC isn't too far away.


Sororities, Frats. I am involved with the blood drive group. It is very good because many people give blood here on campus. Yes a few leave doors open, including me. Athletic events are not popular with students, more so with outside parents and children on the community. Dating is good, many people have found LOVE. Well i met them through facebook and/or LRN. If i'm awake at 2, i am on my computer, Regatta. Every thursday, friday and saturday, sometimes wednesday and or sunday. Frats/soror are important for parties to go to. Clubs get boring for people. Last weekend I sat on my computer. Play raquetball, hang out with friends in a dorm, play Taboo. I go to the mall and window shop because i don't like spending money at Hollister or any of these "preppy" stores.


The most popular clubs on campus has to be fraternities and sororities. Athelitics are up and coming and hopefully will be a successful program. You meet most of the people you know from class or around your building. You can also meet people through your friends. Traditions at Stony Brook include the Roth Regatta and Spirit Week. You can watch movies on a Saturday and have fun.


there are a bunch of dance groups on campus, cultural clubs, greek life, etc. it seems as though there is a group for anything, and if there isn't, you can easily start one. Since its such a large school, it is really easy to meet new ppl and ppl are generally very friend in class. I came to stony brook not knowing a single person and was able to make friends very easily. In addition, there are always a bunch of events going on, that will suit almost any kind of person. if you enjoy bars & clubs, there are a few nearby. If you're a bit more laid back, there is a movie theater, bowling alley and plenty of on campus performances & events (like comedy shows). Shopping in the area sucks though (smith haven mall is really the only nearby option). There are a few beaches nearby that are great for the summertime, but many of the closest ones charge for parking during the summer if you're not a brookhaven town resident. Plenty of ppl complain that stony is boring and there is nothing to do, but thats because they're not really looking and just like to complain. I was always able to have a good time, whether just hanging out with ppl in the dorms or going out to nearby places.


When i was a student at SBU my roomate and i would always leave the door open if we were relatively close to or in the room but others were way more cautious. Most of the people I met at SBU lived in the same hallway others were met through different friends. ???????Saturday??????


To my knowledge the most popular organizations are the Frats and Sororities... one other club that seems to have a big following is SASA. I'm involved with Stony Brook Motorsports. We are an organiztion that designs, fabricates, and tests an off-road vehicle (Mini Baja). In the dorms 3 years ago, people used to keep their doors open. Now, not as much but people still do. I dont. Athletic events are popular (mainly football). I met my closest friends in the dorm halls. Studying or watchin tv at 2am on a Tuesday. Tradtions: midnight breakfast (line is wayy too long tho). People party when ever they want to. It also depends on what type of major you are involved in. Some have much more work than others. To me.. I dont think frats and sororities are important at all. Last weekend I went out with my friends to a bar in port jeff. Go out to dinner.


greek life seems big. dorm life is great only bcos we make it great. quality of services and facilities offered are ver very mediocre. ppl study a lot to get their grades. we work hard and play hard too. every weekend theres a party somewhere. thank god! off campus housing is ok too, but its easier to dorm.


as a freshman or sophomore, you'll probably spend your time partying with the fraternities or end up at your local nightclubs around campus which cater to stony brook students.


I don't know. MIP. I stopped going to meetings because we never really did much at them. In some dorms- not really mine so much. Athletic events are popular among athletes; I don't think guest speakers are too seems to be a big deal. I don't know about it- my boyfriend lives in Boston. I have close friends from highschool here. I'm close with my suitemate. She intoduced me to another really close friend. Studying or getting ready for bed. Roth Pond Regatta, Strawberry Festival, Homecoming A good amount. Pretty important- they're everywhere. Studied- I had 3 exams this week. Hang out with friends/go see movies/study. See movies, go to the mall, go food shopping, go sit by the docks in Port Jeff...


Football, Baseball, MENS Soccer. Im involved with mens soccer. Its a great group of guys and is my family on campus. Athletic events are not popular here. I met my closest friends through soccer. 2am on a tuesday im studying. People party often. Last weekend i went home. On saturday nights you can go out to eat or go to a club.


Unfortunately, I am not involved with Stony Brook's extracurricular activities enough to comment on them.


This is easy, social life is what you make of it. Some people are very involve and others aren't involved at all. I do a few things but for the most part i don't have a relationship with stony brook outside of academics.


i do not know i am a commuter and i am not involved with any programs


I'm involved with the College Republicans. Most of them are assholes and hate me.


I would say the most popular groups are those based on ethnicity. In the corridor style halls they do, but not in suite style. Athletic events are not too popular except homecoming. I met my closest friends through people I knew before I came to stony brook and others were in my classes. If I was awake at 2 am on a tuesday I would be studying.


I don't have a good unbiased opinion of SBU groups/clubs. I am part of WISE (women in science and engineering) and a dj and assistant music director of stony brook's radio station WUSB. Many students are not involved with anything, or with a cultural club of their culture (Chinese Student Association, etc). I have not lived in a corridor dorm, only in suite-style dorms, and we never left suite door open, but within the suite, some people left their doors open, some didn't. Athletic events are semi-popular, especially those where they give away free tuition to a lucky attendant. Theater is semi-popular as well. SBU hosts many productions, concerts and similar events which are popular with the surrounding community, but not really the student body. I met my closest friends in my clubs, and in my classes. If I am awake at 2 am on Tuesday and not doing homework I am hanging out with friends or watching tv. Stony Brook traditions include the Roth Regatta, Strawberry Fest, Midnight Scream I am not acquainted with the party scene on campus, but there is one. I am also not familiar with frats/soros Last weekend I hung out with my friends, planned and produced a radio show, and did some homework. Off campus I shop for groceries, eat out, watch movies, etc.


Different people gravitate towards different activities academically and socially. There are so many different clubs that anyone can get involved in- not to mention the obvious sports teams. I’m actually involved in mentoring, and I’ve found that it’s a great experience. On several Saturdays of the spring semesters, I work with high school students, motivating and guiding them towards a final project pertaining to technology and society. I really do enjoy it, and it’s even good to put on your resume. I think that the school does try to unite its students as much as possible, and every spring we have something called the Roth Pond Regatta. People participate in building cardboard boats and making them as creative as possible, and then people actually get in the boats and race across the pond. I’m pretty sure my favorite boat ever was a huge duck boat. I mean, it was literally a big boat, and it was a duck. Everyone roots for their own groups, quads and friends, and it’s really just a great day. When I was a freshman I actually considered joining a sorority. I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and find where I belong. Not to completely bash the whole fraternity/sorority thing here, but from what I know from my friends at other schools, this campus doesn’t have the best Greek life. The people I met here that are in them really seemed like they love it, but it’s really up to you to decide if you want to pay money and give up hours and hours of your time be a part of it. I can honestly say with full confidence that it is not at all necessary to a real “college experience” here. To each his own, right? Weekends here are whatever you want them to be. You can go to a bar Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night if you feel like it. It is true that there is a definite lack of people and cars on this campus on weekends, but I know that with my closest friends, we will usually make our weekend decisions together. Sometimes, it’s good to get away and go home, and others we all just want to be here together. By the way, if the bar scene isn’t for you, it doesn’t matter. I live in West Apartments now, and even before that, you can always find something to do with your friends.


The most popular groups on campus are probably the fraternities and sororities. I think there is around thirty or so total which means that if you're interested in joining one there's a good chance you can find one you like. Each of them is a little bit different than the next. There are over two hundred other clubs and even more different programs. One organization that I enjoyed was a student-faculty retreat. About 70 students and faculty, including the Dean of Students and President, went away for a weekend and held various conferences to discuss ways to improve the school. It was a great experience in that I learned a lot about Stony Brook and its history and I met several members of the administration. Most students lock their doors, as they are encouraged to do. Few students feel unsafe, but keeping doors locked makes too much sense not to do it. Athletic events generally are not popular, but whenever there is a big game, be it against a rival or a well known team, the students will show up in force. Guest speakers are usually well received. In the past year there have been speakers from many realms of society, including sport stars, academics and journalists. The dating scene is probably like any other college. There's a lot of restaurants and places to go off campus. I knew a few of my closest friends before college but a lot of my friendships started my first weekend here freshmen year. We all lived on the same hall for two years and quickly became close friends. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what am I doing? Well, WHEN I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm usually in my apartment hanging out with my roommates. When I lived in a corridor style building the answer would be the same, but often a few kids on the hall would get together to play poker or something else that isn't doing schoolwork. There are a few traditions that are very enjoyable. Atop this list would be the Roth Regatta. Every year this boat race is held in the Roth Pond, a body of water that nobody dares go in any other day of the year, aside from the occasional day swimmer in a clown costume. Students, clubs and organizations build their own boats and hop in with paddles in hand. The only catch is the boats can only be made out of cardboard, duct tape and a few other materials. This makes for some interesting designs and some incredible disasters. Don't worry, life jackets are required and the school has yet to lose a soul in this nearly 5 foot deep pond. Partying is mostly done off campus, whether it be at a club, bar or house. The parties that are on campus have to be relatively small and are usually confined to a single dorm room or suite. Whether or not you can get away with partying in your room or hall almost completely depends on your resident assistant and what kind of mood they choose to be in most often. This has come a long from from when my uncle attended Stony Brook in the 70's and there were bars in the basements of most residence halls. Oh well... Are fraternities and sororities important? Well this all depends on who you ask. Ask a frat brother or sister they are the most important thing to the existence of Man. Ask any of the 13,000 plus undergrads who are not a member of a frat or sorority and their daily lives would change little if they all disappeared. Weekends can be slow here, but if you're willing to do something you can always find something. Last weekend we had a party in our apartment with a few close friends and a few people I have never seen before. Thats pretty typical of a weekend for me. Thursday and Friday nights are usually the more eventful. Saturday night if nothing is going on you will probably find students doing a few things: getting a late start on the work the neglected all week, refusing to get off the couch so they don't miss a second of TV or video games or playing poker for more money than the wish to part with. When campus gets boring there's a few things to do off campus. The mall is 5 minutes away and accessible by bus. Movie theater as well. Dozens of restaurants and pizza places and of course enough fast food to give you a coronary.


Hmm there are too many groups on campus to tell. Stony Brook has over 200 clubs and organizations, so I think it's pretty well spread out. I can tell you who will have a successful event though, any group offering giveaways or free food. College students love anything free The group I've been involved in for 3 years now is the Commuter Student Services. I like being a part of this club, and I've seen it expand a lot since I first started out. CSS provides outreach services and advocacy for commuter students, and it also holds events such as the Commuter Reception, Lunch and Learns, and Commuter Appreciation Day. I think it is really important, especially for commuter students, to become involved here. Otherwise, you don't feel connected to the school, and that can be pretty depressing. Students in dorms don't typically leave their doors open, or at least my friends who dorm don't. Athletic events are fairly popular, but it depends on which sport. Stony Brook is trying to make athletic events a bigger deal, because a lot of students seem apathetic when it comes to SBU athletics. We have a great theater arts center, there are always shows going on. Dating scene at SBU? I'm not sure there is one! No, there probably is, although I haven't found it yet, I met my boyfriend at work. It's hard enough sometimes to make friends on campus, let alone begin dating someone. With large classes, people tend to just stick to themselves. I guess the dating scene exists, maybe with the fraternities/sororities or athletic teams. I met my closest friends through the Learning Communities Program. I also made friends through clubs. The key to making friends and any social connection here at Stony Brook is to get involved and make the effort. 2am on a Tuesday I am usually at home because I commute. Although I know my friend who dorms is probably at the computer on facebook or something. There are several traditions that occur each year, many of which are in the spring. There is the Roth Pond Regatta, where groups of students spend weeks in preparation making boats out of cardboard, in hopes it can make it across the lake with students in it. Then there is the Strawberry Festival which is all about-you got it, Strawberries and products involving strawberries. A fun tradition if you dorm is the Midnight Breakfast, which occurs during finals week. There is also I-Con, which is a science fiction convention which occurs in the spring. I don't know how prominate partying is at school because I don't dorm there. Fraternities and Sororities are present at Stony Brook, but they are not the end all and be all. They are a good way to meet people, but they aren't viewed as the "cool kids" on campus. Last weekend I worked, but I do not live on campus, so I am not a good reference as to what the social scene is on the weekends. From what I hear, most students go home on the weekends, so the campus is pretty empty. Saturday night at Stony Brook? There is probably some club-sponsored event, or perhaps an on campus movie or show. I am a commuter student, so off campus is when I work, study, see my friends and boyfriend.