Stony Brook University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There is a great community in my building. I have fun and am involved on campus. Our Football team is not horrible.


Stony Brook University is located close enough to New York City that one can take advantage of all the opportunities offered within the school and the large surrounding city. There are an immense amount of internships and job openings for students interested in many field. It truly provides students with experience in their major and offers credit for school as well. The best part is, the LIRR travels straight from campus to the city with easy accessbility. The opportunities opened for students at SBU is one of it's greatest assets!


The campus is beautiful in the spring time. The trees start to blossom and the colors are just magnificent. The foliage in he fall is just as stunning. The faculty and staff are extremely nice and so helpful, they are always willing to take time out to help you with your problem.


This school?s innovative science and engineering departments is renowned for its research, much of it in biomedical engineering. Many pivotal concepts originated here, including the inventions of the lifesaving drug ReoPro? and an ultrasound treatment to speed bone healing as well as the MRI, which won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. In other fields, Stony Brook researchers developed a thermoplastic paint for bridges and buildings made from old plastic bottles and the smallest possible electronic switch, as well as discovering the smallest primate in the world and identifying and recording 328 far galaxies.


There were a lot of interesting courses offered, the library was awesome and had great hours, and the academic counciling was very good. The Staller Center for the Arts was a great center to see performing arts as well as meet people who where interested in arts. I had a lot of very dedicated and passionate teachers in the English department.


I am lucky enough to live in a suite, and luckily i was able to choose not only my roomate but suitemates as well. We have a common room and we're able to throw parties or even just hang out together in larger amount of space.


I say that my school provides one of the best education there is in all teh fields of study. It has more than 100 majors and the research facility is on the par. Stonybrook has given rise to successful scientists, engineers and even actors and musicians. It has achieved so much in such a short period of time. Recently, the nobel prize for Chemistry went to group of scientists and one of them is a faculty memeber of Stony Brook! Such accomplishment is praiseworthy.


What I love about Stony Brook is that the school tries to create events for its students, and I feel as if everyday there is some event, although you may not know about it. Every Wednesday we have "Student Life," where most of the events are located at the Students Center. For Homecoming Week we had music, blow-ups, free popcorn and cotton candy, and tons of fun. Also throughout the year we had events at the same location such as lasor-tag, relax-a-thon, comedy show, "Happy Hour," and dances. I also enjoy exploring the campus.


we have leading scientist in their field that have the most current knowledge in their field teaching in their area of expertise.


Stony Brook has a big campus and its like a mini city.


I brag that my school is very well known and that I've earned my GPA through hard work because the work I am assigned is challenging and I gain something new from every class I take.


Campus activites and social life.




I brag about it being on the top list of schools and there is a lot of research being done here and about their medical school.


The people are different and exciting, from a verity of unique and exotic places. The campus is also very beautiful, filled with trees and wildlife, yet, at the same time, I am only hours away from Ney York.


its a lively campus with many activities


That the food is good and convienient. That there's easy access to drugs.


how much i drink


I don't.


Not much. Just that it's pretty.


It was rated as having the highest rate of dpression among undergraduates in the country.




The tuition and reputation


I get an amazing education for my money. The faculty andthe engaging courses they teach has helped me discover my interests and what I'm passionate about.


that it's cheap and I dont have exuberant amount of student loans.


I brag about the variety of courses I have to choose from.


Nothing. it sucks


I like the feel of teh campus. It is inviting and they have a of programs and free food.


its very well known around the world for the research that its done; many of the professors are the leading experts in their field; we have great exercise facilities; the campus is beautiful; its a train ride away from NYC; we have access to some of the best beaches in the world


All the international students and the Chinese food.


Size of University, Food selection, Cool Shows, More Credible degree, Freedom as opposed to rules other schools have, opportunities available, better quality of education, facilities, smarter population.


The food is very good and there is free medicine for students.


about how amazingly intellectual everyone is!


Good academically


I tell them I go to one of the top Universities with the largest campus including a hospital, and I'm trying to get into the most competitive nursing program.