Stony Brook University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Stony Brook University? Why?


The worst thing about my school is having students with confirmation biases on our famous "Stony Brook unhappiness" rankings. It makes me feel uneasy that our consistent high unhappiness rankings are based on the inaccurate sample of students.


Personally, I love Stony Brook because I love nature and there are a lot of trees and there is a pond which is absolutely fantastic. It is a big school with apprx. around 10,000 or probably more students. People at the campus are really friendly and helpful. So I'd strongly suggest everybody to be more open and not feel hesitant to ask questions. I can guarantee that they'd be more than happy to guide you to shaping your future.


Large size


As a commuter, a lot of the system is against you. Where you have to park on campus and then the transportation to class is just a hassle, unless ur going to pay a ton of extra money. I live 20 minutes away from the school and I have to leave at least an hour before class to guarentee I'm there on time not even early because of the transportation. It is also hard to make a schedule this way you don't have long breaks on campus as a commuter.


Some of the on-campus housing is abysmal. Several of the buildings are in dire need of renovations and Stony Brook has been accepting more residential students than it can realisitically house so there is an overcrowding problem. Aside from that, there needs to be more activities on Fridays and the weekends as the campus is a proverbial ghostown.


The worst thing about my school is the idea that the train station is right on campus. Although this is also a good thing, it hurts in the attempt to create a family atmosphere within the campus community because a majority of the students go home on the weekends.


Stony Brook is really hard and in the middle of nowhere.


Most students are from areas close by the school. They tend to leave for the weekend, leaving it empty and quiet on weekends.


The size.


The people who work here can get very rude, uninterested, and many times not helpful, so a lot of times I had to figure things out on my own instead of getting a direct answer.