Stony Brook University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should consider Stony Brook is a self starter that does not need the guidance of others. A person open to diversity will enjoy the campus as it harbors various ethnicities, religions and cultures. An individual that is not easily influenced by the experience of others will flourish as students tend to be pessimistic. This person will have to come to the school with their own inspiration as the school does very little to add influences outside of academia into the lives of its students.


Someone focused and interested in science since they are a science based school, must be disciplined, eager to learn, no slacking off, and study hard.


The kind of person that is interested in high diversity within the school environment. Also, an interest in the science field does help considering that the school is highly focused in that area




People who want to go into research or the medical sciences.


Anyone looking for a rigorous college education at a low and affordable cost, as well as anyone who is looking for a university that has the perfect balance of work and play should consider attending Stony Brook.


A student who wants a big campus and lots of majors to choose from. This university is ideal for those who wants to be able to live away from home yet have the opportunity to travel to the nearby New York City. The students on campus are diverse and Stony Brook being a SUNY is an affordable choice for great academics.


Someone who is very acadmically oriented should attend the school. The person should want to go far in their studies and they should know mostly what they are looking to do. People who are willing to put the time and effort into their work will love the school.


The kind of student that should come to this school is kind that is friend and very social and like to meet new people. There are about 20,000 students so there is always new people. Also, Stony Brook is really big on research so if they are pre-med thats a plus. Stony Brook has a lot of programs and activities as well as clubs, so the person who attends this school should be eager to be involved.


Someone who has time management skills, studys hard everyday, and is outgoing


Students who are interested in medical and engineering fields.


Any student who is looking to have fun while also staying motivated and focused on academics and thier future.


Hard worker


The type of person who should attend this school is a person who is willing to broaden their horizons and someone who enjoys meeting people of different backgrounds. The Stony Brook student is one who is hard working and determined and definately one who wants to change the world!


Anyone motivated to succeed.


someone self motivated, eager to learn, someone who like to join in. someone who doesn't mind big campuses.


Students who are particularly interested in the math, science, research and medical fields would find this a very promising and rewarding university in terms of education and learning resources. Also, students must definitely be wholeheartedly dedicated to their studies because the academics are very tough here.


Those individuals who want to have the flexibility of visiting home or communting from home; those students who cannot afford to attend a private school but have the grades to show for it; those who see this school as an "easy way out" from more challenging schools.


This school has a very diverse student population. The school itself has many programs, anyone that is searching for a school that has some of everything should apply at Stony Brook.


An person woh is open to diversity weathere they know their major or not


Someone who really enjoys being in a big campus with lots of people.


Must be assertive and independently strong


If one knows for sure what he/she wants out of life and knows that attending this school is the best way to go about achieving their goal, by all means, attend Stony Brook. However be warned, because SBU will demand much from it's students and if one isn't inclined towards schoolwork, he/she may not do as well as he/she had originally anticipated. One who doesn't plan on making friends and will spend most of his/her days studying in the library and actually attend class, should attend this school.


A well diverse and well rounded student. Someone who is willing to put a lot of time into studying and doing well. Also someone who is friendly and has time outside of school to have fun.


Someone that wants to be part of a community and has the capabilities of being in a large learning environment. Someone that can take initiative to join a club or a hall council and come up with some new ideas for a campus event, but at the same time be academically competent. Sometimes the balance is difficult to find.


Person who likes a huge campus.


Someone who learns well on their own or can deal with ridiculous classm sizes [600+ students]. Someone who is looking to do research, doesnt have an interest in social activities or sports, and likes to spend time alone.


In order to attend Stony Brook University, you must be a hard working and well educated student. People looking for diversity, for a great education, and for friends that will last a lifetime will fit in perfectly here. Stony Brook is also a great place to develop a career and transition from college to the real world.


Someone who really would just like to learn and get trhough college, not anyone too social because there is very littl to do, and someone incredibly intelligen because the classes are ridiculously hard


Someone who can easily adapt to their environment and is not used to being very independent and on their own.


Any person can attend this school because it offers a wide range of different academic fields. The people on this campus are very diverse and have a wide range of personalities. It is very easy to get situated.


someone practical and not very into learning


Those people who is interesting in science, medical related careers.


Anyone. It is very diverse.


someone who is eager to study and become a professional and also who is very social and active.


People who are interested in a more science-based professional field should attend this school.


A person that does not need to be assisted along every step of their academic pursuit. Someone independent, and with enough free time to study hard. I would say intelligent upper middle class students thrive in this environment. It is a largely science based campus here, so englis or sociology majors should look elsewhere.