Stony Brook University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Stony Brook University has a little bit of everything for different kinds of people. It's a school that really welcomes everyone to its doors.


Someone who is looking for an exceptional experience in the fine arts.


If you cannot thrive in big classes, do not attend.


Transfering into Stony Brook University in Spring 2013. Currently a student at Suffolk County Commuinty College; those who seek no improvement of of their academic success, or wish to start anew; this college is not for you; then again neither is any opportunity of greater education. Despite the peering reputation, Suffolk County Community College has an honorable hold on achievement. In faith I trusted them to feed the evergrowing mind of the Poet Scholar; in which allows a further progression of my entity.


If you're looking for a school where you think you can slide by with average effort. This school demands and gets the most from each of its students.


A person that is not friendly and is not accommodating to other religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and political views.


A person that doesn't like big communities or big classes. Someone who needs more one on one attention and help.


Stony Brook is a school for students who are serious about their studies. It is an academically focused school.While there are activities on campus, most students go home on the weekends or are commuter students. It is not a university for students who are looking mainly for an active social life both during the week and on weekends, and whose focus isn't mainly their studies.


Academically focused


Slackers, party people, those who like to put work off at the last minute.


The school is almost half commuters. Consequently, there are few big school events and lacks a campus community feeling. It is hard to get involved because clubs are inconsisent and barely functioning. If you are a social person wanting to get involved in the community, I don't recommend going here.


Despite certain facts not supporting this, it would seem that most of the school is Asian. So a person who is prejudice against that ethnicity would not faire well.


The kind of person who should attend this school is a very career-oriented person or a person who is very social. Two great things about my school are that the academic programs are very good and provide students the knowledge and experience necessary for their future career goals and aspirations. THe school is also very good with regards to social life, and meeting a lot of new friends. There are a lot of clubs and organizations to meet new people and obtain new connections.


Some one who is wastefull or some one who does not care about our enviroment.


People who are looking for a very strong student teacher relationship shouldn't attend this school. Basically, students go to lectures and learn most of it from reading on their own. Although, the professors are helpful at times, they don't have enough time to care for each student. To make up for it, they bring in TA's to take their place instead. Also, people who are looking for a school with school spirit shouldn't attend either. This school doesn't have much of a school spirit and on that subject, it's pretty much a dead area.


A person that should not attend Stony Brook University is one that is not willing to work for the grade that they want.


Someone who always needs something, other than studying, to do. The school is very academically focused (in part due to the large concentration of international students there for the sole purpose of getting a degree). Social activities are...a slowly evovling thing. Most kids go home or away on the weekend. Also, if you are from far away and do NOT have a car, think again. The campus is very rural and you need a car to get around and not feel trapped. There are buses and a train but it is more complicated than necessary sometimes.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't motivated. You need to be motivated to talk to you professors if you need help. You need to do your work; no one will remind you. You need to be motivated to find someting fun to do in your down time. It isn't a majorly difficult school, but you need to do a lot of the work. Teachers won't come looking for people who need help. You need to go to them and ask. The burden of learning is more on you.


This school is welcoming to all types!....just be prepared to study :) ALOT.


Someone who does not like a variety among students, since there is a wide range of ethnicities and groups on campus, or someone that does not like a big campus should not attend this school, since it is quite large and has many students. Also, if cold weather bothers someone, they probably should not attend.


I think a person who is not afraid to step out of their shell and get involved in everything they possibly can. Also a person who is ready to meet a variety of people and learn different cultures and customs. Finally, someone who is ready for a challenging course load.


People who can deal with pressure and a persistance to work hard.


Somebody who is not interested in focused study, whether it be science or business should not come to Stony Brook. Come prepared to work, but at the same time, its not the end of the world if you don't know what you want to do. The other type of person that should't come to Stony Brook is somebody who is looking to party, drink, or use drugs. Parties are abundant, but spending money to get off campus, and to even get alcohol is hard and expensive, and will distract you from your workload.


People who do not like cold weather or being in a big community since it is a big college.


Students who are not open-minded to new ideas, racial diversity, or those who are looking for an easy grade. There is little tolerance here for prejudice (which seems like a paradox in itself.) Though this school may not be the most difficult school to do well in, it is still important to attend class, study, and do all the assignments required.


Anyone should attend this school. It accomodates people from all walks of life :)


SBU is not for people who want everything done for them. The size of the school forces you to be independent. From studying abroad to picking your classes, you really have to be a self-starter. Moreover, there is a small artistic subculture at the school but there aren't very many arts classes. Though, the school places a lot of emphasis on appreciating different cultures, it is working to develop an art appreciation through various festivals and the newly formed Arts, Culture, Humanities undergraduate college. If art is your life, you may find SBU unfulfilling.


A person that is not focused on going into the medical field.


The people that do not like big schools or classes as well as variety of cultures. Also, for those who want to major in anything outside of natural science or social science related schools would not enjoy the school's education. Many students transfer schools because of that particular reason.


I woudl say taht this school would be approachable to anyone. It's a gorgeous campus, highly academically motivated and has a friendly student body. Proffesors are always there to help and its a great reserach campus.


someone who likes small classes. cause not all classes are. and someone who doesn't feel comfortable in large crowds


If that person is a bad test taker. The exams, at least the science ones, are really hard.


no one should be restricted


A person who isn't willing to meet people.


Someone who isn't academically focused or ready for a challenge should not attend/


People who don't like large lecture halls with classes averaging about 300 people and also those who can't go out on their own and forge relationships and activities. You have to be a go getter to have a good college experience.


imports who want a degree in pre-med


Someone who wants to be in a big city or a part of a fraternity or sorority.


A slacker shouldn't attend. The coursework is very demanding and it is incredibly easy to fall behind from missing one lecture or one homework.


anyone who wants to go into the arts or writting.


Anyone that is not a go-getter would have trouble here. There are lots of clubs, and with over 20,000 people attending how can someone not find friends? Nobody is going to come knock on your door or beg you to come to an event. Teachers are available, but only if you look for them. Everything is here but a passive person will not suceed.


A preppy white rich kid who only wants to be friends with other preppy white rich kids


Someone that is looking to slack off.


Someone who wants more school spirit this isnt a sports school. Someone who's really into the arts this is a science and math school. Someone who wants to meet a lot of people unless you live in the right dorm.


People who loves school spirit, loves to party,hates large campus, hates large lecture halls, majors that aren't business-related. Any people who doesn't major in sciences and engineering.


person who likes small campuses


Someone who doesn't like asians or fob because its full of them. Someone who likes busy urban life.


A person who looking to have large amounts of fun from a social stand point.


someone that likes the city and having fun


campus is dead on the weekends. People go home on the weekeds since we're so close to the city. Because of this the partying goes on on tuesday, wed, and thursday. People aren't that close to each other since we don't spend incredible amounts of time together... the university tries though- to unite us.