Stony Brook University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love that my school is on the rise. Even though it's a relatively new university, my degree is becoming more and more valuable every day, simply because it's becoming more favorably looked upon.


My school is really diverse. I've never met so many exchange students (both foreign and within the USA) in so many majors. We have everything from Theatre to Physics, from Studio Art to BioChem. If you like something, there is a place for you. We have a Fencing Club, a Science Fiction Forum, a LGBTA alliance, and so much more. We also have a thriving athletics program and a very talented marching band! If you can think of it, Stony Brook has a club for it.


While many colleges provide quality education, I am passionate about Stony Brook University because of the "Newsroom of the Future" classrooms and programs it holds for aspiring journalists. It truly is dedicated towards helping students reach their full potential while pursing their dreams. The renowned professors in the program are helpful and guide students through their experience and knowledge. The classrooms hold the best technology for students to work with and truly capture the essence of a true journalist's future career.


The one thing I like about college is the freedom, compared to high school. It was nice to have free time where it was your choice to study and not because your parents were telling you to. College has made me aware of the fact that I am mature enough to do my work and not slack off or party.


I haven't been to many other campuses, but I love the fact that there are so many trees and paths one could take. It is so beautiful, and I love finding new things, even though this is my second year here.


The professors are some of the best in their fields. They not only know the material, they have extensive experience in the field, and they have a lot of hands on learning that you can't learn from a book. Many of the professors teach cutting edge, new ideas, amny that they themselvs have worked on.


The education programs, the faculty and staff. The people are very nice and friendly; both the professors and the students. Professors are very openend to offering academic assistance to students who need it. The Professors really do seem to care about the students and their success and they are very open to helping all the students in whatever they may need academically.


So, okay. This school is rather large. But that's the good part about it. There are so many people to get to know that you never have to worry about not getting along with someone. You always have the ability to get to know someone new, from somewhere new. Another good part about this schools size is that they offer so many different majors. If you come here, you will never feel trapped into one major. And besides. Did I mention it was really inexpensive?


The best thing about this school to me is that it is known to be in the top 1% of colleges in the country, as well as being significantly cheaper than most other schools at its level of academic excellence. But mainly I like it because of how close I am to home, and the fact that there's a LIRR station right on campus.


The best thing about Stony Brook is the great academics, especially in the sciences, and the willingness of the professors to help. I enjoy all of my classes because they are interesting and well taught. The professors teach in a way to help students actually understand instead of memorize. Also, all of the slides are online for further review. Lastly, they're always available during office hours or by email.


This campus is very diverse. I don't think you will find any place with such a wide variety of students. There are people of every race, sexual orientation, religion, and background. At Stony Brook, you find people interested in the things YOU are interested in, because there are so many groups and clubs to take part in. Clubs range from ethnic clubs, a very accepting LGBTA , activist groups, and activity groups such as Archery, Capoiera, and Anime. Theres something here for everyone, but it requires people to be involved. And if you are involved, friends are guaranteed.


Stony Brook has a diversity that you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. We have students that come from all over the world; you'll hear 20 different languages being spoken just walking across campus. I come from a small one-stoplight town where, though the nearby military base creates an influx of new people every now and then, I have known my classmates all my life. I had no problem transitioning to such a big school though, because SBU res life has made sure that no student gets lost in the bustle of the big campus.


The professors are the best things beacause they feell like family: they are always ready to help.


The best thing about my school is its academics. All of the professors are very knowledgable and if a student focuses and works hard, he or she will learn a lot.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. Everyone and anyone will find they have something in common with at least one other person on campus. Therefore, it's not too hard to fit in and you will almost never find yourself "out of the loop".


N/A. I hate this school and everything about it. If i had to choose, it would be the bus system.


the best thing is that this school is very academically challenging and will push you to strive for more. Also the school offers alot of opportunities and the landscape is amazing and also offers very good opportunities. No matter where you go people will know this school for itws excellencei n research and amazing discoveries.


The best thing about this school is it's diverse community. There are clubs and organizations on campus that spread awarnesses of cultural diversity and it is easy to find a group of friends to fit in with.


I enjoyed the extracurricular activities in the school. There was a club for anyone and everyone- fraternities, sororities, culture-based, academic-based, interest and honor clubs. There was even a "Ghost Hunter Club." If there was no club geared towards the students' interest, then the students had the right to create one and the school embraced it!


Independent atmosphere, expert faculty, intellectual student body


Most students are really nice people. It is not like other competitive schools where there are people who are cut-throat. People are willing to study and tutor each other for the difficult exams.




diversity and proximity to new york city


It is environmentally friendly and the teachers are very helpful and are interested in your success.


HTe amount of majors and career help. There are so many resources to help youfind a job if you aew willing to take advantage of them.


Extremely Diverse, A lot to do, unbelieaveable variety of courses to choose from and the campus is beautiful!




If you're going for science or research science, or medical this school will prepare you with internships and good professors. There are plenty of extra curricular activities and if you don't like them, you can make your own as long as you're approved (pretty easy). There's also our own radio station. By car, we're 5 minutes away from Stony Brook Hospital, 10 minutes away from Smithhaven mall, 20 min away from a small inlet beach, and 20 minutes away from historical Port Jefferson (lots of bars, resturaunts and little shops). Train station on campus.




I like the diversity and size of the school. There is always a place to go or hang out.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of people and the different types of events and food.


Good value for the money


That every one gets along really well and is very friendly. It is also nice to see alot of ethnic diversity. Also i feel that no one is scared to be themselves.


Student's can have a good time, but there is also a lot of time to focus on schoolwork.


The quality of weed and the classes


It's a spacious campus with trees.


The research and post-graduate opportunities


The international students and study abroad options.


There is a lot of diversity to find yourself through at Stony Brook University.


If you are anti-social you have nothing to worry about, noone here talks. If you're asian you will fit in perfectly - everyone here speaks your language.


Stony Brook University is a really large campus and the diversity here is great. We have different races of different cultures. It is interesting when you meet someone whose background is not related to yours at all.


Facuty and staff members. They are very helpful and care about students and encourage students to successed all the time.


The best thing about my college is that the student body makes up a small community. We dorm and go to class in a comfortable, friendly environment we call our own. Faculty and staff make themselves accessible to provide help and advice and my classmates are people I find myself calling "friends" as the semester goes on. This campus has become my second home over the past three to four years and I value all that I learned and people I have met throughout that time. College is one of the best stages of my life.


My school has great research opportunities, with alot of focus being on working on projects with professors. As a freshmen I worked in a psychology lab and as a sophomore I started working for my biopsychology professor on her memory experiment. Everyone has the ability to join a lab if they choose. The class are a little large, but they are taught by experts in the field and alot of outside help is available. Bigger classes have resitations to get a small tutor student ratio.