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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey there Jose, how is highschool treating you? Well, I got some news for you, you are going to be a great Chef and I juist wanted to share some tips right before you head to college. Be wiser with your money and start paying for student loans as early as you can, what ever you can afford will make the difference. Also, stop worrying too much about your success and what and how are you going to do things. You are young and the best advice I can give you is to focus on learning and have a positive attitude at all times. Money and prosperity will come if you focus on those two things as much as you can. Be happy and enjoy life as much and often as you can. Last but not least, get yourself disciplined; you have no idea how essential that is, you will see. Oh, by the way you might want to take that molecular gastronomy class back in 2013 that we didn't take, it looked awesome and you won't regret it. Best of luck and smile more, definitively. Your older, wiser "You".


“Make the best decision", are the words that I would tell myself as a second year undergraduate student attending Florida State College at Jacksonville. As a senior, I was ready to jump into the college scene and completely leave behind the melodrama world of high school, but as I finally walked across the stage and suddenly into a college classroom I realized that I could have made better decisions which would have ultimately benefitted me in the end. I would have made better decisions to study more, to become more involved within my community and prepared more for college mentally as well as financially. I spent the majority of my time attempting to find scholarships from the schools which made me lack in the search of scholarships from outside sources. The transition to college was once bumpy but now it is smoothing out to be a paved road. The final words that i would tell my senior self, would be “Continue to strive, and realize that in the end your hard work will pay off."


To have paid mote attention to mah and reading


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to not take no for an anwer and keep trying regardless of what others might tell you. I realize life has many challenges and at that time I was impatient and immature. Life can be a harsh teacher and take each day at a time, try not to focus on failures. Focus on your goal and where you want to get to! Nothing is impossible with God onyour side!


My college experience so far, has been stressful. Being unemployed has made my college experience difficult to enjoy. I tried to enjoy it by attending the leadership retreats the school’s SGA had to offer. I had an identity crisis; it wasn’t until I started college and began asking myself what I wanted that I realized this. Finding myself has been the most valuable thing I have received from college. Even though I had to lose my car and move back in with my parent, failing several classes my first year of college. These mistakes are the most valuable thing to me that I have gained though my college experience, they help define me. I learn from my mistakes and I get by in life no matter what happens. I always find a way, even though my credit card is full of debts from all my school books. I keep pushing forward. So I can obtain a PhD in psychology & sociology. For now I’m focused on finishing my B.S. in social work so that I can get a job, and applying to all financial opportunities. Life is stressful, but that is life otherwise it would be boring.


Can it truly be argued that education is not the key to livelihood? From the classical philosophy of Socrates to the Existentialism of Sartre, tackling the unknown in order to acquire knowledge has been core to the human existence. So it comes as no surprise to myself that college has been a time of personal enhancement that I could never have possibly predicted or grasped before my attendance. Since I began attending college I have learned numerous topics, ideas, and theories that have come to shape me as a totally new person, rich in identity and skill. Higher education has already provided me with priceless information and abilities that apply directly to the ever evolving global culture all around me. Personally, I have absorbed skills that would have otherwise been unattainable. Projects such as planning tangible routes of action for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly campus have shed light on multiple areas of leadership and positive activism in local and national communities. College has also, of course, provided me with an enriched understanding of complex topics in Mathematics and English, as well as other foundational courses essential to the thriving, productive individual in American society.


I've gotten alot of knowledge and confidence from my major. It has been valuable to me because now I can see my future right before me.


To take my time when doing any research and not wait until the last minute to do things , pay more attention to my grades, prepare more the SAT, apply early for financial aid and any scholarships, change my surroundings so I could concentrate more on getting my work done , try to meet any deadlines before they are due, when answering questions to be complete, precise, and prompt, and to minimize any distractions.