Strayer University-District of Columbia Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are a small campus so there are not many activities but the learning environment is Great!


It is best know for being and online shcool as well having a campus that you can go to. There are schools located through out the east coast. You can attend campus but if your schedule does not allow that, like me because I work full time and I am raising a daughter by myself, I can attend online. They offer a variety of degree programs and will work with you. They also have grants and loans available to help pay for the education.


Strayer University is recognized by many communities as a flexible and efficient university that allows working adults the opportunity to obtain bachelor's degrees and/or master's degrees in the fields that they wish to pursue.


It has many campus in all US, and even online courses in the case that I'm out of the US, I'm a HR consultant, and if I need to move from place to another, I won't have problems, also the classes accommodate my schedule and have very good teachers.