Strayer University-District of Columbia Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The school is challenging, yet rewarding. You can take classes online and on campus. The professors are very Good and have a vast amount of knowledge. Many professors are local business professionals as well. They are very open and will work with you and your schedule.


My major is BS in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Programming. The classes are very information and educational. They also focus on real world experiences. Eventhough discussions are done online, it is kept very professional and everyone's opinion matters.


The professors that I have had have been great. I couldn't have asked for better professors. I really don't have a favorite class, but I do know that upper level Economics classes are HARD if you don't start at the lower level. Oh, and Math. I don't like Mathematics, but I've really learned a lot through Strayer, especially with their virtual lab environments. Probably would have failed the Math classes had it not been for the labs.


The programs at Strayer are rigorous but "doable." Once your degree path is in place, the counselors help ensure that you are on track to graduate. The difficulty of the class is dependent on the student and their abilities but Strayer offers tutoring and assistance for any areas of weakness. At Strayer, you can learn to further your education or learn for the sake of learning - that's how enjoyable the course selection is!


I love all my classes although my classes may seem tough, everything I've learned so far is really interesting.


The academics are great because the professors and other staff members are available for you to contact if need help with passing class, registaring for class or even financial aide. Of course I have serval favorite classes which are all business classes taken so far. Of course it should be my favorite because I am majoring in business.