Strayer University-District of Columbia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I have everything to brag about. I am taking online classes, and I still have the ability to go on campus and take care of any problems. This place is complete convience and the professors are all hands on if needed.


The fact that I can still lead maintenance teams around the word fixing aircract going to Iraq and Afghanistan. This allows me to protect the sons and daughters who fight on the ground in these extremely dangerous areas of the world. In essance attending Strayer University still allows me to help protect the lives of the young soldiers in my community so they can return home safe to their loved ones.


I think its really kewl that you can go to this school once a week for 3 hours and it counts as 4.5 credits. So maybe I can complete my classes faster and get more motivated to achieve my BA Degree. I also love the fact that this University has many locations on the East Coast and I can attend any of them for the same price or take classes online. I love my options.