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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was the 18 year old young lady graduating from high school, I would tell her to go for it and live unapologetically while pursuing her dreams! Live throws curve balls heartbreaks, finances, personal strength, etc. and the decision to move forward sometimes seems evitable. Well after deciding to return to school at the age of 38 I recognize nothing is different but my drive to succeed is not greater. My dreams have not changed, I knew then as I know now what was my planned in helping people and achieving a successful life. While my career in the mortgage industry has helped propel me, the solidification of an education is important as well. People perish by the lack of knowledge and education whether formal or not is important to reach higher goals.


I would encourage myself to perform more research into the different educational platforms available to students prior to graduation. I would also encourage myself to find and work closely with a guidance counselor who would have been able to provide information regarding the correct career and financial assistance programs available.