Strayer University-South Carolina Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Nakeshia, Don't listen to others and their plans for your life. They're only mere suggestions and things they think you're capable of doing for your entire life. Follow your heart and decide only what you think is best. Focus on your education, your career and your goals. Don't wait time on trying to fit in with others only to be let down that they don't have the same goals and focus as you do. Clubs, groups, parties, and social gathers have never been something you've been interested in so don't fake it. Pick up your camera and use it to be a blessing to those in need, continue to focus on your photography business and use your Marketing and Advertising Degree beyond the demensions that have been set in place by those before you. Step lightly, but bravely. Your children are your inspiration for completing your degree don't disappoint them. Don't be discouraged. You're stronger than you realized and focusing on what matters will get you through every challenge that you face. I promise when it's all said and done things will be blessed and highly favorable.


James, there are a few things you should know about how your habits will affect your life. Money is not everything and will not bring you happiness, but will make your life easier. Do not forgo a career in a field that makes you happy for a job and a paycheck that will not satisfy you. Continue with your education directly after high school so you don't have to work and go to school while supporting and raising a family. Learn to work well with others as it will serve you greatly as you grow older. Trust in the Lord your God. He will always be there for you.