Suffolk University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


In my own perspective I find that my classmates can seem a little intimidating to approach and start a conversion with because they project the feeling that they do not want to be in the class or be bothered with.


My classmates were extremely eclectic and personable.


Most classmates are friendly and helpful and will talk to you if you initiate a conversation. There are the few students who are not necessarily outgoing or talkative but they will still answer your questions, if you have any.


Being in the middle of the biggest college town of Boston, there is a giant melting pot of students from all over the world. Everyone brings their own experiences and backgrounds to the environment making it very special. There is an interfaith center where students gather from all sorts of religions, a diversity office which focuses on LGBTQ topics and issues, academic clubs and organizations that dedicate themselves to putting on fun events almost every day for students on campus. Everyone has their own unique style but most hold the same values of working hard in school and can have intellectual conversations! A far cry from my home town! Because students are usually involved in multiple clubs there tends to be tone of different groups of friends that all intermingle. With only 5000 undergraduate students it sometimes seems like everyone knows everyone, but in a good, community building way. Students are usually politically aware, hold multiple jobs, are always looking to the future, look for internships and hold academics as their main priority.


Most of my classmates are very helpful and friendly. Some are shy and keep more to themselves, but for the most part, everyone is very approachable and kind.


My class is very diverse and interesting to talk to.


Our class was very diverse, although there was no on campus housing at that time that didn't limit the number of international and national students. The outstanding factor was that students were there to learn, they took their education seriously and weren't there to party and blow off classes. Class discussions were involved and thought provoking because everyone came from a different background socioeconomically and culturally. The general attitude was we are here to learn and do well, and for many, to move on to graduate studies.


A very diverse group of individuals.


Asside from the diverse student body, students at Suffolk University are very goal-driven career focused individuals.


My classmates are diverse, trendy and most of all curious to learn.


My classmates are a diverse group of student?s who make me proud to attend Suffolk University; I could describe them as anything from liberal, conservative, straight, gay, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, US citizens, non-US citizens, rich, poor, experienced and innocent?in simply they are like me and are different than me and they help me grow as a human being.


My classmates are caring and giving individuals, we share when possible. and I have made friends from all over the world.


As a Senator for our Student Government Association, I think that my classmates are amazing people to work for and with. I am very involved on campus and the students that attend here are great people!


Freshmen either want to be there or use Suffolk as a transitional school- no one is on the fence about staying.


Suffolk is diverse in many ways. I have met students from so many countries I cannot even keep track. There is a stereotype that international students tend to stick together, but this cannot be applied to all of them. A large percentage of the studenty body is commuters. These students mingle with on-campus students during classes, in on-campus cafeterias, and during activity periods. Since most students are commuters, they are not really "out of the loop". When you think about it, your high school is a commuter school and you still meet people there. My favorite thing about the students at Suffolk is that they are mostly friendly, average people. I do not feel like we are overrun with snobby rich kids, yet I don't feel overdressed when I'm wearing jeans.


Focused, friendly, and open minded.


Most of my classmates like getting drunk and partying, from what I see.


They are very liberal and very opinionated.


Most were ridiculous, self centered, not open minded, not helpful, not willing to see past their little circle of rich bostonians


Diverse, opinionated yet cooperative and respectful for the most part during class; very cliquey outside of class but respectful towards eachother. Those who worked hard did well academically; those who partied hard struggled academically .


they keep to themselves








Individuals who sometimes feel better when joined with others.


My classmates are a group of diverse individuals from all over the globe who come to suffolk to study and achieve a higher level of education.


Liberal, smart, fun-loving people who are really passionate about their beliefs.


Everyone is from the New England and the students seem to keep in their own groups and are incredibly opionated.


My classmates are extremely diverse, I am usually one of the few white students in the classroom.


There is a lot of diversity at suffolk, however, the diverse groups tend to stick together as groups. I don't see diversity in the sense that you walk into a room and everyone is meshed together comfortably talking about the weather. The numbers show that there are many races, and socioeconomic classes represented at suffolk, however, because Suffolk is so cliquey, these groups keep very much to themselves. There are a ton of "financially well off" students, some international, who's biggest pasttime at Suffolk is drinking and clubhopping. There are a ton of stoners, in fact, nearly everyone at suffolk smokes weed, minus the few who have moral objections to it or are health conscious. There are a few people who are active within "the school community" however, there are about 30 of them, and they makeup most of the clubs here at suffolk. The gay population is accepted here, I havn't heard of any incidents of discrimination, we do have an LGBT club. I would describe the political atmosphere at Suffolk as "apathetic". A few people went to go see Barack Obama speak in the Boston Common, but it definitely wasn't the buzz around campus (as I remember it was the fact that Ben Affleck recently screened his new movie at the AMC Theatre down the street)