Suffolk University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The variety of majors and master's programs.


Suffolk is best known for its law and business school primarily. A lot of graduate students choose Suffolk if they are pursuing a law degree. Suffolk is also well-known for its location. It is in the heart of Boston between shopping centers, the financial district and other college campuses such as Emerson University.


being in the Boston and being a city campus. Suffolk Law mostly a commuter school good rep


Suffolk University is best known for its lack of campus and student involvment.


I would have to say it's political science department was very well known. Professors were involved and challenged students to take a world view. One opportunity I was able to participate in was a semester of Russian studies which involved a trip to what was the USSR at the time.


Suffolk University is best known for its amazing location in downtown Boston and it's wide diversity among students and faculty alike. There are so many different cultures and backgrounds who are associated with this school that it really creates a diverse and culturally rich learning environment.


Suffolk University uses Boston as a learning tool because its the financial center and capital of Massussettes plus the university is well staffed with the best educators I have ever had.


My school is best known for its Graduate Law School. Whenever I tell someone where I go to school, they always ask me if I am going to be a lawyer, and for the record, I am not. I am a Radiation Therapy Major and Suffolk is also well known for its affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital.


Most definitely their academics. It has a good curriculum for a private university and cost at least $10,00 less than other top ranked private universities in the area.


our law program


Suffolk is best known for it's Law School.


It's law school and Paralegal Program.


Probably our location on Beacon Hill near the State House, as well as our Business School and other academic programs.


The school is known for it's graduate law school and for it's sawyer business school and it's communications department. They are connected to the New England School of Art and Design a few blocks away. They have internships with the Boston Globe and have NECN affiliated with our brodcast journalism department.


My school is best known for being a diverse and in the city university. It has broad carreers opportuinties and it is also a place where, as the slogan says "where everybody knows your name". The city of Boston IS the campus and this growing college has a lot to offer.