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Suffolk University is the literally the heart of Boston. Suffolk takes pride in that and very into their students. That means us students have incredible access to a wealth of opportunities, whether it’s museums and restaurants or internships and co-ops. Unlike other colleges the Suffolk falcutly and staff know majority of the students whether your a commuter or on campus. Its very easy to build important mentoring relationships at Suffolk, and this school has so much to offer.


I think the placement of my campus is very unique. It is right in downtown Boston right behind the State Capitol and so that provides an interesting experience because we get to see the day to day politics right on our front door. I also think that the activities center is very unique as well because of the involvement of the community within the university itself.


I think my school is unique because it doesn't have a campus while most universities have a campus. I think that my University not having a campus is a good thing because it prepare the students to get used to the real world. Also since their is no campus, teacher find creative ways to put the students into groups so that they work outside class and make friends. Overall, I think Since Suffolk University doesnt have a campus it helps me mature more into an aduilt so I can be prepared for the future to come.


Well for my freshman and sophmore years I am attending the Madrid campus. It has been an unbeliavable experience and I have grown a lot as a person.


I like how it is in Boston, I am a city girl. It also has professors whom are involved in business or whatever they are teaching. It is more independent as it is dominantly a commuter school


I am very happy at Suffolk and I really recommend that you come for a tour because it may be different than what you expect. In choosing a college, you need to see the pros and cons of schools and decide if the pros outweigh the cons. If you are looking for a campus with green pastures, Suffok is not for you. However, if you are interested in the city without feeling lost in the crowd, welcome to Suffolk!


it's very community based. there are several community involved services. there's a whole branch of that to help us get close to the community


The diversity. Being in the city and having a scattered campus you see so many things that you many have never seen before.


Suffolk if unique because Boston is such a great city and the school gives the students many opportunites to find jobs within the city. They want us to grow to become better people.


don't know


the reputation


Suffolk is a city school. Located right in the center of boston, every thing in Boston is a ten minute T ride away. Public transportation is easy and convienant. Professors are very helpful and friendly.


The professors are my school are very unique, i have never met such nice people before.


The English program is very unique. Most colleges allow an English major to minor in creative writing; instead, they include a track, which is very much preferable. The school also offers rigorous work study-scholarship programs with challenging criteria, so that when you're accepted to it you feel like it is well-earned.